Ding Junhui easily wins Derby 5-1 in China Championships, Higgins 5-0 Lv Haotian

On the evening of August 16th, the first day of the 2017 Snooker China Championships ended. Chinese dragon Ding Junhui easily defeated compatriot Niu Zhuang 5-1 in the delayed qualifying round to advance to the main match, while the wizard John Higgins was playing at the same time. He also showed great bravery, 5-0 quick victory over Chinese teenager Lu Haotian into the first round of the race.

After a brief opening ceremony, the evening game started at 7:45. Ding Junhui played a Chinese derby with Niu Zhuang in the qualifying round. Niu Zhuang kicked off in the first game. Niu Zhuang was the first to get the mobile phone meeting, but only played a set of red and blue combination and a simple ball error occurred in the offensive. Ding Junhui took over. He scored 23 points and also made an offensive error. Niu Zhuang once again scored 61 points on a single shot, but missed the over-pointing red ball. Ding Junhui tried a combined ball offensive from the far table. Unexpectedly, the goal ball stopped at the mouth of the pocket and Niu Zhuang hit the ball. To complete the overscore, Ding Junhui successfully used the yellow ball to make a four-shot snooker in the color ball stage to get his opponent to send 12 points, but Niu Zhuang dribbled the yellow ball from a distance and scored the yellow ball into the middle bag and then cleared the color. Won the first game.


In the second game, Ding Junhui scored 6 points in the opening stage with an accurate far-off attack. In the subsequent defensive battle, Niu Zhuang hit a red ball into the bottom pocket. Ding Junhui started again but only got 4 points and used it. There was a mistake in the offensive, but fortunately, Ding Junhui took the initiative in the defense. Niu Zhuang did not leave a chance for two fouls. After Ding Junhui missed a far offensive attempt, Niu Zhuang took the offensive and got the ball. After 16 points, a mistake was given and Ding Junhui tied the score 1-1 with 81 points on a single stroke. In the third game, Ding Junhui took the lead. After getting 20 points, the cue ball lost control and fell into the bag. After that, Ding Junhui repeatedly returned the ball and gave the opportunity. Niu Zhuang failed to continue scoring several times and scored 21. At -36, Niu Zhuang hit a red ball to the mouth of the pocket, Ding Junhui won an excellent phone meeting, although Ding Junhui also interrupted twice due to mistakes, but still clear to the pink ball 70-43 to rewrite the score to 2-1 .

In the opening stage of the fourth game, Ding Junhui made two thin ball errors in the defense and did not touch the ball and sent 8 points, but Niu Zhuang failed to grasp the opportunity. Ding Junhui scored 36 points through a thin ball in the pocket and scored 36 points in the attack. The deviation was left to the opponent’s mobile phone meeting. Niu Zhuang only scored 8 points and missed the blue ball to interrupt the offense. After two defenses, Ding Junhui again got 33 points to complete the overscore, and the score came to 3-1. In the fifth game, Niu Zhuang made a tee-off error and dropped the cue ball directly. Ding Junhui pushed the red ball into the bottom pocket of the tee-off zone and walked to the black ball to directly enter the game, but when he scored 40 points, the offensive coffee ball had a large deviation and interrupted the scoring. , Niu Zhuang’s return quality was not high. Ding Junhui’s far-field offense again scored 16 points. After that, his mid-table thin ball offense missed the opponent’s mobile phone meeting. Niu Zhuang Qingguang’s red ball scored 36 points, but he played in the colored ball stage. When the green ball fell, the cue ball smashed and ruined the reversal. Ding Junhui 67-36 extended the score to 4-1 and got the match point.

In the sixth game, Ding Junhui kicked off the cue ball poorly, Niu Zhuangyuan attacked the red ball and left the bottom pocket of the red ball and left the red ball near the base to play on the phone. Ding Junhui switched to the defense after 44 points on a single shot, and Niu Zhuang would have one. The red ball hit near the mouth of the pocket, Ding Junhui returned the ball and missed the opportunity to miss the far stage, Niu Zhuang failed to grasp the opportunity to return the gift, Ding Junhui again got 30 points to complete the overscore, the total score of 5-1 easily advanced to the main match.


At the same time, the Chinese teenager Lu Haotian encountered four-time World Championship champion John Higgins. The whole game was completely controlled by Higgins. Lu Haotian lost five consecutive rounds and lost the game. The total score of the five rounds was only 9 points, two of them got zero seals. Higgins felt hot and won five consecutive rounds. Except for the 129 points in the second round, all the other four rounds were 60+. Lu Haotian met such a wizard, 0 -5 Losing the game is really helpless. In another match that ended at the same time in the first round of the main game, England veteran Mike Dunn 5-1 overtook the strong Joe Perry. After both sides won one game in the first two games, Dunn went to four consecutive cities to end the game. Dunn shot 60+ in three shots in the game, but Perry failed to win a single shot.

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