China Classic: Li Hewen wins

On December 22nd, the 2016 CBSA “Shengda Xinde” Cup Chinese Billiards China Classic continued. Today’s men’s competition had two rounds of 1/16 finals and 1/8 finals, and finally all the top 8 players were decided. ,They are:

In today’s 1/16 finals, a “star derby” was played between Li Hewen and Chris Merlin. In the opening, Merlin led Li Hewen with a big score of 3:0, but Li Hewen found his hand in the subsequent games and cleared Taiwan one after another to overtake the score and expand to 6:4. From then on, “Draco Cat” gave no chance to its opponents, won the Derby in straight 3 games and advanced to the top 16.

The technical performance like precision machinery won rounds of applause. After the game, Merlin reluctantly said: “This is a crazy game! He played so well, almost never missed every ball, but I made too many mistakes.” Shuangzhe agent Wei Wei said, Li Hewen He likes to compete with international players. He gets excited every time he meets an international player and likes to win glory for the country.

And the duel between Xie Zhaohui and “post-00” teenager Zheng Xiaohuai also attracted the attention of many people. Many viewers have expressed their interest in this game before and they all think Xie Zhaohui will win. But the facts are just the opposite. Zheng Xiaohuai, who has been in a hot state, beat the famous veteran 9:7. After the game, Xie Zhaohui also generously commented on this small opponent: “He played very well, maybe because he lacked a little experience, but more experience will definitely go a long way in the future.”

In the 1/8 finals in the evening, Zheng Xiaohuai ushered in another general-Chu Bingjie and Xie Zhaohui’s words were fulfilled. The inexperienced Zheng Xiaohuai first fell behind 3:8, and then struggled to catch up to 6:8, but then completely lost the opportunity. In the end, he lost to Chu Bingjie 6:11 and missed the top 8. Li Hewen was defeated in the duel with Yang Fan and lost his chance to compete 7:11.

The men’s top 8 list is: Liu Yong, Zhang Kunpeng, Chu Bingjie, Yang Fan, Shi Hanqing, Zhao Ruliang, Yu Ting, Liu Chuang.

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