Ding Junhui advances to the second round of the European Masters Qualifiers, Trump is out

On December 19, the first round of the European Masters Qualifying Tournament was all over. Ding Junhui 5-1 Usenbach and Trump 3-5 Burns were out of the game.

The European Masters Qualifying Tournament is divided into two rounds. Ding Junhui’s opponent in the first round is Usenbach. Ding Junhui fully fired up the game and scored 83 points in a single shot in the first game, followed by 74 points in two shots, leading 3-0. In the fourth game, Usenbach pulled one back, but in the fifth game Ding Junhui scored a high score again, leading 5-0 after 102 points. After another victory in the sixth game, the opponent was eliminated by a big score 5-1 to advance to the second round of the qualifying round. Ding Junhui will play against veteran Alberton today.

The young player Lei Peifan lost to Higgins 2-5. In the game, Le Peifan had three 50+ shots, one of which was 99 points. Higgins is also a three-shot 50+.

Other Chinese players, Zhang Anda 4-5 Alberton, Liang Wenbo 5-1 Walkerlin, Yan Bingtao 5-2 Baird, Fu Jiajun 5-3 Walton, Fan Zhengyi 2-5 Wollaston, Yuan Sijun 5 2 Wahdi, Xiao Guodong 5-3 Andy Lee, Xu Si 1-5 Kleike Coles, Lu Ning 5-3 Oliver Lanes, Zhao Xintong 5-0 Kleigi.

The biggest upset came from Trump, who was upset 3-5 and lost to Burns. Selby, who had just won the Scottish Championship, narrowly defeated the former World Championship champion Dahdi 5-4, veteran Jimmy White eliminated Miaha 5-4, and Lisovsky defeated Wafi 5-4. British Championship runner-up Maguire lost 3-5 to Gould, Murphy 5-2 Katie, Allen 5-2 Mark King.

Second round against:

O’Donnell vs. Wells, Mann vs. Holt, Tian Pengfei vs. Cahill, Carter vs. Dale, Milkins vs. Ford, Ding Junhui vs. Alberton, Mexivan vs. Donaldson, Chen Zifan vs. K-Wilson , Higgins vs. Yuan Sijun, Patrick vs. O’Brien, Brown vs. Robbie Williams, Tachaiya vs. Luo Honghao, Ma Fulin vs. Dott, Liang Wenbo vs. Bingham, Li Xing vs. Lu Haotian, Green vs. Nee Robertson, Mark Williams vs. Sharaf, Zhou Yuelong vs. Grace, Lisowski vs. Page, Yan Bingtao vs. Hicks, Riley vs. Ryan Day, Walker vs. Hawkins, Jacques Jones vs. Celtic, Jimmy White vs. Selby, Allen vs. Luning, Fu Jiajun vs. Wollaston, Murphy vs. Burton, Xiao Guodong vs. Cleckles, Philip Piac vs. G-Wilson, Brechel vs Gould, Little White vs Rodrola, Zhao Xintong vs Burns.

The match between Ding Junhui and Alberton will be held at 22:30 Beijing time. The winner of today’s second round will advance to the main race to be held in Austria in January.

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