Chinese Billiards China Classic Zhang Kunpeng beats Liu Chuang to win the first championship in life

The 2016 CBSA “Shengda Xinde” Cup Chinese Billiards China Classic entered the final day. The men’s final started at 18:00 in the evening. Zhang Kunpeng from Qiqihar, Heilongjiang completed the 17th final in only 2 hours and 30 minutes, and finally defeated Xiao Liu at 17:9. Chong and won his first national championship.

The young player Zhang Kunpeng was born in 1996 and came from Qiqihar. He studied under Chen Jianze. He has not won the national championship before this competition. This Chinese Billiards China Classic is his first championship. Yesterday’s semi-finals, Zhang Kunpeng upset the Liaoning star bald Yang Fan and advanced to the final. The opponent in the final was Liaoning Huludao teenager Liu Chuang. Liu Chuang contacted snooker since he was a child, and later switched to Chinese billiards. Not bad results, yesterday’s semi-finals also defeated Shi Hanqing, the favorite World Championship champion.

The two teenagers in today’s finals bite very tightly at the beginning, and both of them are holding back a bit of energy, and they have not won the gap between the two sets. Zhang Kunpeng’s offense was even sharper, with a fast pace. There were several mistakes in the mid-game stage. After the 5:5 tie, Zhang Kunpeng’s offense remained the same, and his shot speed was also very fast. He began to take the lead, 6:5,7: At 5, 8:5, Zhang Kunpeng played more and more fiercely, 8:7 to 12:7, 12:8 to 16:8, took the lead in winning 8 match points, continuous scoring made Liu Chuang a little breathless, even the staff did not The reaction has come to the match point. In the end, Zhang Kunpeng successfully won the game at 17:9 and won the first national championship in his life.

Zhang Kunpeng’s road to winning this championship was not a big surprise, 9:4 Chen Qiang, 9:7 Chen Haicheng, 11:7 Yin Guangnan, 11:9 Liu Yong, 11:7 Yang Fan, 17:9 Liu Chuang. It should be said that Zhang Kunpeng did not have too much entanglement in the face of super first-line players such as Chen Qiang and Yang Fan. He completed the game “efficiently” and won the championship, which shows that the strength of the new generation of players has slowly surpassed the old champions.

After the game, the famous coach Ma Zhiyu commented on Zhang Kunpeng, who is also from Qiqihar. This 96-year young player has a sharp offensive, but the control of the playing rhythm needs to be improved. The mistakes in the mid-game should be caused by too fast rhythm. This is his first championship, which will greatly help his career path.

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