CCTV’s famous mouth brings all the soldiers off the plane, the Haikou match star team is strong

On March 8, 2014, Beijing time, Jiang Yi, the famous host of CCTV’s snooker event, appeared at Haikou Airport. He seemed to be in a good mood after returning from Sochi after finishing his interpretation mission for the Winter Olympics. Is it Haikou? Summer taste? !

Immediately behind him appeared the members of the star fantasy team:

The famous general Dot found a way to put himself into the big backboard and joined the star team

Handsome star sign player Trump is always accompanied by beautiful women

Honest star sign player Mark Williams appears

Two other star players Higgins and Ding Junhui are also in the 67 players list. Among them, Higgins urgently needs to regain the feeling of “Mr. Stability”; and star signing player Ding Junhui will hit the fifth crown of the season rankings during the Haikou match and become one of the biggest highlights of the competition. If he succeeds, he Tie the 23-year record of Emperor Hendry.

Picture Sharing Can Alan perform a hat trick in this Haikou game?

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