The First National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Qualifying Tournament Anhui Station kicks off on the 27th

The first National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament “Xingpai·Blackpool” Qualifying Tournament Anhui Station will officially kick off on April 27. The competition will last for 4 days and is scheduled to end on April 30. At the same time, it will be shortened or postponed according to the progress of the specific event.

This tournament is sponsored by the China Billiards Association and hosted by Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. and its Anhui branch, and Hefei Hefei International Billiards Club. This event is one of the eight qualifying areas of the Zhengzhou Station of the first National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament. The top eight winners of the qualifying tournament will advance to Henan and have a chance to qualify for the finals. In the previous competitions, the men’s qualifiers in Shaanxi, Hebei, Shandong, and Shanxi have all ended after fierce competition. After the warm-up of the first four qualifying rounds, the popularity and popularity of the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament has been further improved. Many masters have signed up to participate in the event. Famous players in Anhui Province such as Liu Jinzhu, Zhang Jianguo, Jiang Zhenyu, Li Jie, Liu Shun, and Jin Deyue , Cheng Yong, Xia Xiaochun, Wang Yang, Han Junkai and others will all participate in the competition. In addition, experts like Xu Ran, Jiang Peng from Beijing and Pan Haijun from Henan will also participate in the competition at Anhui Station. I believe that after the holding of this qualifying match, more and more players will join in, and the influence of Chinese billiards will be further enhanced.

This Anhui Station Qualification Tournament also received strong support from the local billiards association. In response to the holding of this qualifying match, Anhui Provincial Social Sports Guidance Center, Anhui Billiards Association and Hefei Billiards Association have all organized related promotion activities, striving to make the first National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament more popular and popular. attention. It is believed that with the support of the cooperating units and the warm-up of the preliminary qualifying competition, this year’s Anhui Station Qualification Tournament will be a complete success.

With the orderly progress of the first National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, the sport of Chinese billiards is also more accepted by the majority of billiard fans. Both professional golfers and amateur billiards amateurs are looking forward to the next national billiards ranking tournament in Henan. Xingpai will continue to vigorously support this Chinese-style billiards ranking tournament, hoping to take advantage of this competition to better promote Chinese-style billiards and contribute to the popularization and development of billiards. The details of this site will continue to follow up, please continue to pay attention to relevant follow-up reports.

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