2012 Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament ends in Hubei Division, competition has become fierce

On April 27th, the 2012 National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament in the Hubei Division of Henan Station officially kicked off at the Simenkou branch of Wuhan Seven Star Billiards Club. The competition lasted for three days, and the top 32 were produced on the first day of the competition.

Wuhan has always been a gathering place for Chinese billiard lovers, and billiard games of all sizes have received extensive attention in Wuhan. This competition not only attracted local billiards masters in Hubei, but also billiards enthusiasts from Henan and Hebei, as well as the active participation of many professional players in the Northeast.

Wang Peng, Qiu Paomou, Yu Guangyu and other professional players easily won the game and entered the next round of competition. Professional golfer Shi Xin from Heilongjiang and his 16-year-old apprentice Zhang Guanghao also advanced smoothly. In the first few games, Shi Xin felt bad and made small mistakes constantly. However, with rich experience in the field, he quickly adapted to the environment, adjusted his mentality, and successfully won the game. As the youngest player in the Hubei Division, Zhang Guanghao played steadily in the game and had a positive and relaxed attitude. I hope that he, who loves Chinese eight-ball, can advance to the quarterfinals in this competition, advance to the national competition, and realize his billiard dream.

Hubei local players Cao Liang, Huang Lei, Deng Qiang, Wei Liang and others all advanced smoothly. Only Wu Bing was out of the first round and failed to continue to compete for the top eight in Hubei. I hope that in tomorrow’s game, Hubei players can continue to stick to their positions and play their best level.

The atmosphere of today’s arena is relatively quiet. Tomorrow’s game will go from 32 to 8. After two rounds of exciting duels, it will finally compete for the top eight places in the national terminal. The game will be more exciting, who will win a place in the summary match.

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