Chinese billiards rankings are becoming increasingly fierce, Li Hewen, Wang Yan, and Chen Qiang advance to the top 8

On May 25th, Beijing time, the first “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament entered the third competition day at the Gaogu Billiards Club in Zhengzhou. In the men’s quarter-finals in the afternoon, 8 players Zhang Bo, Wang Peng, Bai Long, Wang Yan, Zhang Jin, Chen Qiang, Li Hewen and Yu Ting successfully reached the top 8.

In the match between Chen Qiang and Qiao Fengwei, in the first game, Qiao Fengwei rushed the ball without any ball falling into the pocket, but Chen Qiang failed to hit a ball near the pocket, but then Chen Qiang quickly controlled the situation and took a 3-0 lead. Although Qiao Fengwei scored two points later, Chen Qiang finally won by 6-2. Wang Peng started the game very well against Ningxia player Liu Jian and got a 5-0 lead. Although his opponent pulled back one point, Wang Peng accurately hit the long table with the cue ball close to the bank in the 7th game. The No. 8 ball made it to the top 8 by 6 to 1. Yu Ting defeated Chaolumen 6-1, Zhang Bo beat Shi Hanqing 6-3, and both advanced to the top 8.

Li Hewen played against Xi Hongyu in the eighth-finals. Both of them defeated Li Yong and Yu Enze 6-0 in the match yesterday to advance to the top 16. At the beginning of the game, both sides had offense and defense, and Li Hewen seized the opportunity to score two points first. Then the two scored alternately, but Li Hewen always guaranteed a two-point advantage, and eventually defeated Xi Hongyu 6-3 to enter the top 8. After Wang Yan made a thrilling promotion yesterday, he adjusted his condition better today, beating Zhao Hongyi 6-3. Shijiazhuang player Bai Long played quite stalemate with Liu Chuang in the game. After 4 to 4, Bai Long won two games in a row. The game between Zhang Jin and Li Hui was slow. After 5-1, Zhang Jin cleared the table with a beautiful rush to complete the game, winning 6-1 and getting tickets to the top 8.

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