Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Li Hewen and Wang Peng both enter the final and will play a strong dialogue

On May 26, Beijing time, the 2012 first “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament entered the fourth competition day at the Gaogu Billiards Club in Zhengzhou. In the men’s semifinals, Li Hewen and Wang Peng successfully defeated their opponents and will meet in the final tomorrow night.

The semi-final game is still a 7-grab format, and the main table game is Li Hewen against Chen Qiang. As soon as the match came, Chen Qiang made a mistake, and Li Hewen scored one point first, 1-0. In the second game, Li Hewen rushed the ball without the ball falling into the pocket. Chen Qiang successfully jumped off the last sub-ball but failed to turn over the No. 8 ball. When Li Hewen scored the last sub-ball, the cue ball fell and Chen Qiang equalized the score ,1 to 1. In the 3rd game, Chen Qiang missed a long-range attack and Li Hewen led 2-1. In the 4th game, Li Hewen’s rushing ball still did not fall into the pocket. Chen Qiang took over and cleared the table directly, 2 to 2. In the 5th game, Chen Qiang missed the offensive and Li Hewen took the lead again, 3 to 2. In the 6th game, although Chen Qiang left the No. 8 ball in the pocket in the offense, Li Hewen made an offensive error in the pocket, and Chen Qiang tied the score 3 to 3.

In the 7th game, Chen Qiang’s precise long-range attack from a wide angle allowed him to take the lead for the first time in this game, 4 to 3. In the 8th inning, Li Hewen seized the opponent’s mistake to equalize the score, 4 to 4. In the 9th inning, Chen Qiang rushed the ball and did not pocket the ball, but Li Hewen was blocked by the opponent’s ball when he moved the ball. However, he made an incredible solution to hit the No. 8 ball into the bottom pocket, 5 to 4. . In the 10th game, Li Hewen rushed the ball for the fifth time and did not get any results, but Chen Qiang made a mistake again in his offensive, and Li Hewen got the match point 6-4. In the 11th game, Chen Qiang rushed the ball without the ball, and Li Hewen finally won 7-4 to enter the final.

Another game was Wang Yan against Wang Peng. In the first game, Wang Peng used the long platform attack to get the mobile phone to complete the clearing, 1-0. In the second game, Wang Pengqing scored another point, 2-0. In the 3rd game, Wang Peng missed the attack and stayed at the mouth of the pocket, but Wang Yan made a mistake on the 8th ball and failed to solve it. However, Wang Peng failed to score the last 8th ball. Wang Yan pulled back one point, 1 to 1 2. In the 4th game, Wang Peng successfully solved a mid-bag ball and then cleared the table, 3-1. In the 5th game, the two made mistakes and Wang Yan recovered one point and fell behind 2 to 3. In the 6th game, Wang Yan dropped the cue ball when he solved the ball, and Wang Peng expanded the score to 4 to 2. In the 7th game, Wang Yan made a mistake in a simple bottom bag attack, and Wang Peng continued to expand his score advantage, 5 to 2. In the 8th game, although Wang Peng failed to score the 8th ball, Wang Yan also did not seize the opportunity. Wang Peng scored the match point 6-2. In the 9th game, Wang Yan attacked the cue ball and sacked, and Wang Peng won 7-2 to advance to the final.

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