Wei Liang in the Hubei Division of the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament defeated Shi Xin and won the championship

On April 29th, the Hubei Division of the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament entered the last game day. The game was in full swing, the masters’ duel was wonderful, and many fans watched the game on the spot, and Wuhan’s billiard craze was rolling again.

The first thing to do is the 8-in-4 competition. Qiu Paomou faced Wang Peng, and both sides were of equal strength. The score stalemate reached 3:3. Then Wang Peng won three games in a row. Qiu Paomou was unable to counterattack and finally missed the semifinals. Hubei player Zhanan lost to rival Wei Liang, and finally lost 3:6. The other two winners, Yu Guangyu and Shi Xin successfully advanced to the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, Wang Peng and Shi Xin met on a narrow path. At the start of the game, Shi Xin played two rounds first, and then Wang Peng pulled back one city and the score became 2:1. After both sides won two rounds each, Wang Peng made many mistakes and lost offensive opportunities. Shi Xin won three rounds in one go and won the final qualification. In the other semi-finals at the same time, Wei Liang shot a beautiful offense with multiple strokes. Yu Guangyu’s accuracy dropped and his state was no longer. Wei Liang won 5 games and beat Guangyu 7-2.

The long-awaited final was played between Heilongjiang player Shi Xin and Liaoning player Wei Liang. After five rounds, Shi Xin led the way and stretched the score to 4:1. Wei Liang fearlessly lags behind the situation, after making slight adjustments, he chased all the way, pulled four rounds in a row, and changed the score to 5:4. Shi Xin did not mess up his position and continued to attack steadily, leading his opponent again. In the second half, Shi Xin was in poor condition and did not perform to his best level. He gave his advantage to others. Wei Liang gritted his teeth and equalized the score. Then he caught up again and won three games in a row, winning the Hubei Division Championship 9:6.

The 2012 National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Hubei Division Qualifying Tournament has come to a perfect end. I hope that the top eight players who qualify for Henan Station can make persistent efforts, stick to their billiard dreams, and dedicate more and more exciting games to the majority of billiard fans.

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