World Youth Championship U21 men’s team Fan Zhengyi reversed to win the championship and enter the profession

On July 16, Beijing time, the 2017 U21 and U18 World Snooker Championships all ended in the Beijing Stadium. The Chinese derby in the U21 men’s final took more than 5 hours. Fan Zhengyi was 2-5 behind and 7-6 to reverse the louder Luo Honghao. While winning the championship, he also obtained two seasons of professional qualifications. This is the fourth time in the past six years that a Chinese teenager has claimed the king in this event. The British professional army led by Ding Junhui has therefore added another member of the generals.


In the previous game, facing popular teams from England, Wales, Thailand, India and other countries and regions, the Chinese players at home played steadily. In the group stage, Luo Honghao, who had scored 147 points in both practice and competition, qualified with a record of 12 points with three wins and one game. Entering the second stage, Luo Honghao continued to sing forward, and all the best players were defeated by him. In the semi-finals, his opponent was Tyler Rees from Wales, the only foreign player in the top four. Whether the Chinese team can lock the championship in advance, Luo Honghao’s performance is crucial. Facing the additional pressure, Luo Honghao appeared calm and calm, winning 6-1, which means that his professional qualifications for the two seasons have been locked in advance by the Chinese players.

In the derby in the semi-finals of the second half, Fan Zhengyi defeated his academy friend Zhang Jiankang 6-2. In this way, the final was between 17-year-old Luo Honghao and 16-year-old Fan Zhengyi.

The finals adopts a 7-win system of 13 innings. Luo Honghao won the first game. In the second game, Luo Honghao made a big error in the kick-off. The pile of balls was broken up, and the cue ball stopped near the black ball on the spot. Fan Zhengyi directly took the shot, but only got 15 points and made a mistake. Luo Honghao scored 67 points in a single stroke and scored 2-0.

In the third game, Luo Honghao attacked to the last five colored balls on the table and turned 42-32 on defense. Fan Zhengyi tackled the ball and smashed the bag, and Luo Honghao rewritten the on-court score to 3-0. In the fourth game, Fan Zheng once had a good mobile phone meeting, and his 40-24 position deviation caused the offense to be interrupted. Luo Honghao fainted and chased for a 37-40 accidental bag-in error, and Fan Zhengyi seized this opportunity to get back one city 83-37.

Luo Honghao regained control of the rhythm and won the fifth game to expand the total score on the court to 4-1. In the sixth game, Fan Zhengyi let go of his hands and feet and scored 87 points in a single shot, avoiding further expansion of the points difference.

However, the good times did not last long. In the seventh game, Fan Zheng repeatedly became passive. Luo Honghao 65-13 rewritten the score to 5-2. The eighth game was very fragmented. Luo Honghao scored a pink ball 14-30 behind and scored a 35-30 overtake. He was too strong and failed to make the last black ball in the bottom library. The black ball stopped in the pocket corner. , Luo Honghao lost the game, the score was 5-3. From the later process, this black ball error can be said to be a turning point for the audience.

In the ninth round, Luo Honghao fluctuated under the impression of losing the previous round. Fan Zhengyi single shot 70 points to reduce the score to 4-5, only one game difference. The tenth game was quite critical. Fan Zhengyi could not seize the opportunity to equalize the score, and Luo Honghao took the lead in winning the match point.

Luo Honghao’s turnovers increased sharply in the eleventh game, and Fan Zheng beat 75-21 to save a match point. Next, Fan Zhengyi fell behind 49-43 17-43 and missed the last green ball. Fortunately, there was no miss. Luo Honghao had a chance to seal the victory, but he accidentally made a mistake in the coffee ball. Fan Zheng collected the glorious ball and dragged the game into the decisive game in one fell swoop.

Decisive game, both of them stumbled under pressure. Fan Zhengyi was 1-33 behind 56-40 over points and the two sides competed around the last two colored balls. Luo Honghao ended up doing snooker to no avail, Fan Zheng hit the winning pink ball, a total score of 7-6 reversed Luo Honghao, won the U21 men’s championship, and also won two seasons of professional qualifications. .

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