Masters 1-5 behind 6-5 to reverse Maguire fairy to reverse the situation

Xingpai pool table. The Snooker Masters was held again at Alexandra Palace. Robertson was turned 5-1 by Maguire 6-5 and became the second “three-match” championship football player to be eliminated after Selby. Gilbert beat Allen 6-1 in his championship debut. So far, four events have already been completed, and the low-ranking team of contestants started the reversal drama.

Stephen Maguire 6-5 Neil Robertson

76(76)-1, 136(136)-0, 64-58, 71(71)-1, 48-77, 91-0, 11-120(105), 56(56)-64, 40-70 (65), 0-81(81), 38-62(62)

Maguire, who was born in 1981, was one year older than Robertson. The two started their careers in the same year. They are the enemies of the norm. Although Robertson is significantly better than Maguire in terms of professional development contributions, Maguire has the advantage of 16 wins and 10 losses at the level of clash records. Even more shocking is that Maguire won all three previous encounters between the two men in the championship.

In this game, the two post-80s means that the characters have once again selflessly dedicated a classic duel. Robertson quickly reached his best form after the start, scoring 76, 136, and 71 points in a single stroke, leading 4-0, and has already won the match point 5-1. A classic scene appeared in the 6th game. Maguire hit the red number with all his strength and used the K ball. After the red number jumped up high, he actually rolled into the bottom pocket with a weird route, and the more wonderful white ball fell into the top pocket. The spectacle that has not been seen in a century was continuously broadcast by the BBC, and the two football players looked surprised. That kind of cactus changed the temperament of the game, and Maguire then suddenly looked for the situation and scored 105, 65, 81 and 62 points in a single stroke. He won 5 games in a row under 5-1 and reversed Robertson 6-5.

After this campaign, Maguire won a 4-game winning streak against Robertson in the championship, and was promoted to the first round for the sixth time in the 13 championships he signed up for. At this stage, the two football players who have gathered the championship of the “three matches”-Robertson and Selby, are embarrassingly eliminated side by side.

Marco Allen 1-6 Peter Gilbert

6-97(77), 4-121(121), 59(51)-70(58), 15-75, 68-59, 34-95(95), 18-119(93)

The 2008 Championship Championship champion Allen played against Gilbert in the first round. The latter one became the only novice contestant in the championship for the first time after opening his career in 2002.

The system process of the event continued the upset characteristics of the game so far. Allen felt cold to the touch, while Gilbert was in good condition. With a pass rate of 97%, Gilbert made a single shot of 77 and 121. And 58 points to get the ultimate 4-0 opening. After resting and returning, Allen recovered a round, but Gilbert still finished the game 6-1 after hitting 95 and 53 in a single shot, and won his first appearance in the championship.

After the first two Champions League games, the world’s 17th card holder, 16th Perry, 15th Maguire and 11th Gilber also won in turn, and the team started a reversal. This championship will most likely become the coldest in the 21st century.

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