2012 “Xingpai Cup” Chuxiong Billiards Club Individual Match

1. Organizer: Chuxiong Star Bar Billiards Club

Chuxiong City, Bayi Road New Century Plaza, 3rd Floor, No.308

Contact Mr. She 0878-3122147

2. Competition time: May 2012

3. Title sponsor: Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

4. Co-organizer: Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Yunnan Branch

5. Designated equipment: “Xingpai” pool table

VI. Competition item: Snooker individual competition

7. Participation qualifications: Members of this club, register in an individual form. Participants must be local registered permanent residents.

8. Competition rules: adopt World Taiwan Federation standard rules

Nine. Competition method: Single defeat and elimination system will be adopted. Each game will win three rounds and two wins, the semifinals will win three rounds in five rounds, and the finals will win four rounds in seven rounds. The winner of each game enters the next round.

10. Entry method:

1: Non-members of this club will charge an additional registration fee of 100 yuan.

2: The number of applicants is limited, please participate in the registration as soon as possible.

3: Register as an individual, no registration fee, the loser of each game pays the table time fee at the member price.

4: Registration location: No. 308, 3rd Floor, New Century Plaza, Bayi Road, Chuxiong City.

11. Relevant requirements:

(1) During the competition, smoking is prohibited in the venue, mobile phones are turned off or set to vibrate, alcohol, gambling or other bad behaviors are strictly prohibited

(2) Contestants are not allowed to be late for no reason or abstain. Competitors must be ready for the game 15 minutes before the start of the game. After the start of the game, 10 minutes late will be judged to lose a game. Those who do not arrive 15 minutes will be deemed to lose the game and the winner will enter the next round.

(3) Participating athletes should bring their valid ID cards with them to participate in the competition. If the information and certificates provided are inconsistent or untrue, the organizing committee has the right to cancel their qualifications, results, and rewards.

(4) Anyone who disagrees with the referee’s decision must be raised before the next stroke by both players after the penalty is awarded, otherwise it will not be accepted.

(5) Participants must dress neatly and wear commercial logos with the approval of the organizing committee.

12. Admission ranking and reward method: All participating players in this competition will be rewarded

Championship: 1,800 yuan prize and medal certificate

Runner-up: 800 yuan bonus and medal certificate

Second runner-up: 600 yuan prize and medal certificate

Third place: a celebrity signature cue and medal certificate

Other participating players will present a beautiful souvenir or star chocolate chocolate clip.

Note: The top 4 players in the competition will be eligible for the “Star Cup” Yunnan Provincial Billiards Club team tournament co-organized by our club.

13. Referee: The referee is hired by the Star Club

14. All the participating players are responsible for their own expenses

15. Specific requirements and instructions

1. Participants must bring personal identification documents for verification

2. Contestants must wear the designated chest badge for the event, and cannot wear trademarks that are not related to the event.

3. Contestants must be neatly dressed and abide by the discipline of the arena. Smoking and loud noises are not allowed in the arena, alcohol is not allowed, and gambling is strictly prohibited in the arena. Violators will be disqualified from the competition.

4. In order to maintain the discipline and style of the game and ensure the smooth progress of the game, athletes who resort to fraud, unreasonable trouble, delay the game, interfere with the game, and strike will be given in accordance with the “National Sports Competition Management Measures” and the relevant regulations of the competition rules of this competition. Disqualification of the competition, competition results and other sanctions.

The Organizing Committee will notify the organizing committee for the unfinished matters of the 16th.

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