Xingpai creates a “classic” event-high-quality table escort

On August 11, 2013, the Liaoning Qualifying Tournament, the second leg of the 2013 National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, ended successfully in the Liaoning Panjin Star Billiards Club. The authority and regularity of the tournament has once again been highly recognized by the hosting ball house and other local ball houses. After the match, the media conducted an exclusive interview with Liu Xiaohui, the manager of the Panjinxing Billiards Club, the host of the competition.

Panjin Star Billiards Club Manager Liu Xiaohui

During the interview, Liu Xiaohui spoke highly of the event. He is honored to be able to host such a high-level event. And praised the high performance of the game table in this game. He believes that a good table is the most fundamental basis for players to be able to perform at a high level, especially for the star blue and white porcelain table! He believes that both the appearance and performance are impeccable, but the only regret is this Zhang’s blue and white porcelain table was snapped up by other clubs before the game. If he failed to stay in his own club, he could only buy a new one. Finally, Manager Liu also said that he hopes to have long-term and in-depth cooperation with Xingpai in the future, and that he will host the event if he has the opportunity.

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