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How much does the billiard table cost? On August 3, 2019, the press conference of the 2019 Global Snooker International Open was held at the Sheraton Daqing Hotel. Ding Junhui, Marco Allen, Selby, Trump and other 72 top-level Snow The billiards and basketball stars were on the same stage and showed up at the subsequent banquet ceremony. The holding of the new product conference means that the eight-day national championship will begin.

The Global Snooker International Open (hereinafter referred to as the National Championship) is one of the largest snooker competitions in my country today. It is the championship reward only second to the World Championships and the China Open. The third highest ranked match. The total rewards of this competition reached 800,000, of which the championship rewards were 175,000. 2019 is the eighth year of the National Championships and the fifth year that they settled in Daqing City. The competition has attracted top basketball stars such as Marco Williams, Selby, Higgins, Trump, etc. In addition to the advent of Ding Junhui, Yan Bingtao, and Liang Wenbo, the Chinese Army currently has 13 players in the 2019 tournament, which is bound to produce a wonderful snooker event for everyone.

At this new product launch conference, the global position Billy and Snooker Billiards Association establishment process Hong Fusheng, China Billiards Association Vice Chairman Liu Chunsheng, Zhongshi Sports Games Entertainment Co., Ltd. Assistant Chairman Yu Zhiqiang, and Daqing Sports Bureau Director Anying attended And make a speech.

At the new product launch conference, Liu Chunsheng, vice chairman of the China Billiards Association, actively commented on the effect of the National Championships on the development trend of my country’s billiard fitness in his speech. He has no doubt about the improvement of the national championships in the level of competition and business scale. , Expressing that the game has left unforgettable impressions and unforgettable memories for snooker football players and football fans around the world. In addition, he also mentioned the harm caused by the Sri Lanka National Championships to the development trend of my country’s billiard fitness. “The National Championships is an energetic and energetic game. It is the development trend of the global and my country’s billiard fitness. All have made great contributions. Today’s Global Snooker International Open, opening to the outside world has long become a dialog box for the urban culture of Daqing City, and the system is for the work of national fitness and sports development and enrichment The spiritual and economic life of the colorful masses has produced proactive harm.”

Global post Billy and the establishment process of the Snooker Billiard Association Hongfusheng praised the rapid development of snooker billiard fitness in my country. He expressed that since settled in my country in 2012, the National Championship has become one of the most famous and key series. It uses a collection of stars to describe the strong basketball star lineup of this national championship, and further mentions: “The roster of 2019 championships brings together the most outstanding players in snooker billiards. The total reward will be increased again. There will be more exciting matches for everyone, and I hope you football players will give full play to the best situation in the game.”

As the organizer of the introduction and co-organizer of the National Championship, Yu Zhiqiang, assistant to the chairman of ZTV Sports Games Entertainment Co., Ltd., said that in addition to the addition of 2019, the live broadcast of the game will be increased again. It will also be based on new network media such as CCTV5 mobile client and CCTV Show a lot of colorful and interesting content for football fans. In addition, he also expressed: “ZTV Sports has done a good job in game management, data signal production, brand marketing, etc., and also independently innovated and used the game + holiday tourism business model, which not only improved the big city The spread of popularity has also promoted the rapid development of snooker fitness in my country.”

Finally, Anying, the head of the Daqing Sports Bureau, as the host country, expressed a warm welcome to all the football players and special guests who arrived in Daqing, and gave a detailed introduction to the stage and planning of the event. “The 2019 game consists of a press conference, a warm welcome banquet, a football fan conference, a kick-off ceremony, the main game, a city tour and an award ceremony. The main game will be held from August 4 to August 11. All the preliminary work has been carried out, and the relevant staff of the game are fully prepared. Snooker enthusiasts from all over the world are invited to gather together to experience the unique historical and cultural charm of this big city!

2019 China Billiards Association, CCTV Sports Channel, Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau, Daqing Municipal People’s Government; China Sports Game Entertainment Co., Ltd., Shandong Provincial Social Sports Specific Guidance and Opening Research Center, Daqing Sports Bureau.

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