O’Sullivan beats his opponent 5-2 twice in the China Championships and takes Fu Jiajun Selby into the second round

China Billiards Association official website news August 17, 2017 Snooker China Championship entered the second match day. In the afternoon game, Rockets O’Sullivan defeated his opponent 5-2 to advance, the Rockets three shots 50+ and two shots broke 100 His performance is convincing, and he has raised his personal single-stroke total to 879. At the same time, Mark Selby, Fu Jiajun and Zhou Yuelong defeated their opponents to advance to the second round, and Matthew Stevens reversed Mark Allen’s 5-4 thrilling pass.

In the afternoon, O’Sullivan’s first-round battle was greeted by the much-anticipated O’Sullivan. His opponent was Sam Baird, ranked 50th in the world. The two had previously met in ET10 in 2011 when Baier Germany won the game and became one of the few players with a dominant winning percentage against O’Sullivan. The game started at around two o’clock and was judged by the famous snooker referee Paul Clearer. O’Sullivan kicked off in the first game, Baird returned the cue ball and the hand frame was more comfortable and the black ball was open. O’Sullivan chose to attack the red bottom pocket of the far table, but the cue ball missed more and stopped near the center With the opportunity left, Baird interrupted after 45 points with a single shot. O’Sullivan’s lack of rigorous defense gave his opponent a chance to attack from a distance. Baird played with accuracy and won the first game 82-0. .


After the kick-off of the second game, O’Sullivan returned the cue ball and hit the coffee ball and stopped next to the green ball. Baird attacked and defended the red ball into the far table. The position was interrupted when the coffee ball was adjusted. To score, Baird slammed a red ball into the bottom pocket in defense, and O’Sullivan scored a lipstick ball into the pocket and hit a single shot 124 to clear the table to tie the score 1-1.

After a few strokes in the third game, O’Sullivan returned the ball to form a tight snooker. Baird scored 12 points with three consecutive attempts to solve the ball. For the fourth time, he safely resolved to the thin edge of the red ball. After that, O’Sullivan seized the opponent. O’Sullivan accidentally slammed a red ball into the pocket while continuing to defend with an offensive error. Baird scored 16 points and left five poorly positioned red balls to enter the defensive battle again. In the tug-of-war, Baird frequently missed opportunities, and O’Sullivan rewritten the score to 2-1 with 84-43 after several attempts.

In the fourth game, Baird left a single red ball on the right after the kick-off. O’Sullivan directly pushed the red ball into the bottom pocket and scored a 91-point win, expanding the score to 3-1. After the break in the fifth game, Baird was forced to attack and left a good situation. O’Sullivan made a simple ball error after 66 points on a single shot and missed the over-point red goal. Baird took over and scored the red goal. However, the black ball missed due to poor positioning and was over-pointed. Baird gave in without entanglement and the score came to 4-1.

In the sixth inning, O’Sullivan scored 56 points on a single stroke and left three red balls from the side library to the defense, and continued to compete for O’Sullivan inadvertently cue ball and bag, Baird started 70-62 to complete a single game reversal to save A match point. After the opening period of the seventh game, O’Sullivan attacked with a single shot with a bag-in-the-pocket combo ball to seal the victory with 100 points, thus winning the game 5-2 and easily entered the top 32 through the first round.

At the same time, the world number one Mark Selby played against Thai player Nopang Sancam. In the first game, Sancam was reversed by Selby’s 64 points in a single stroke. After 57 points from a single shot, Sancam made a 68-57 single game reversal to equalize the score. After that, Selby strengthened his control of the situation, winning two games in a row and once again hitting a single shot with 78 points in the fourth game to win the second half. In the fifth inning, Selby used the last red ball as a snooker when Selby made an over-point. In the entanglement, Selby dribbled the red ball into the top pocket and got the match point 4-1. In the sixth game, Sancam scored the red goal first but failed to continue the scoring. Selby set the total score at 5-1 with 123 points and easily advanced to the second round.

In other games, Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun played against Hussein Wafi who is ranked 59th in the world. As soon as he came up, Fu Jiajun scored 73 points and 102 points in a row to achieve a 2-0 lead. Afterwards, Wafei won consecutively. In three rounds and played two 50+ to overtake the score, Fu Jiajun contained the opponent’s counterattack in time, and won the whole game with a single 50+ in three consecutive rounds and 5-3. The small steel gun Mark Allen and the Welsh dragon Matthew Stevens met. The score staggered in the first half and the two sides drew 2-2. After that, Allen won two games in a row and got the match point. Stevens saved the game. Two match points worked hard to win the deciding game and entered the next round with a 5-4 reversal. In the seventh game, Stevens’s 70-point reversal became a turning point in the game. Chinese teenager Zhou Yuelong and compatriot Chen Zifan staged a derby. Zhou Yuelong scored 80+ two strokes and 104 points on one stroke against his opponent to the decisive game. In the final game, Zhou Yuelong won with a single shot of 94 points and entered the next round in a thrilling manner.

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