The first stop of the Snooker European Masters: Ding Junhui and other domestic players successfully advanced

The 2020 Snooker European Masters will be held in Barnsley, UK. Ding Junhui, Liang Wenbo, Yan Bingtao, Xiao Guodong, and Fu Jiajun have all successfully advanced. World No. 1 Trump lost 3-5 consecutively with Burns and was upset and missed the race.

The European Masters is divided into two qualifying rounds, and the main match will be held at the end of January.

Ding Junhui played against Swiss golfer Usenbach, scoring at full power in the first two games, scoring 83 points and 74 points in a single stroke to lead 2-0. In the third game, Usenbach scored a red goal and Ding Junhui won 3-0 with 74 points. In the fourth game, Usenbach played several times and caught up with the game 77-14. In the fifth game, Ding Junhui broke 100 points and scored 102 points and 4-1 to win the match point. In the sixth game, Ding Junhui made persistent efforts and advanced with a total score of 5-1 with a 68-35 win.

Yan Bingtao feels bursting, hitting 137 points, 102 points, 105 points and 102 points in a single stroke successively, blasting out four strokes to beat Baird 5-2. Liang Wenbo also feels hot,

He scored 54 points, 1-2 points, 132 points, 134 points and 52 points in one stroke successively, and beat Wakelin 5-1 by hitting three strokes. Xiao Guodong faced Hong Kong player Li Junwei and scored 94, 73 and 112 points in a single stroke to win 5-3. Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun scored 52 points, 71 points, 98 points and 75 points in a single stroke to pass 5-3.

Other Chinese players, Tian Pengfei 5-4 lore Perry, Mexiwen knocked out McManus 5-3, Lu Ning defeated Oliver Lines 5-3, Chen Zifan beat Hitcot 5-2, Luo Honghao 5-4 Rick Hamilton, Li Xing 5-1 defeated Stefano, Lu Haotian defeated Figueiredo 5-3, Zhou Yuelong won the civil war with Browning 5-4, Yuan Sijun won 5-2 Vahdi, Zhao Xintong Swept Craig 5-0. Zhang Anda lost 4-5 to Alberton, Chang Bingyu lost 4-5 to Cahill, Zhang Ankang lost 3-5 to Carter, Si Jiahui lost 4-5 to K-Wilson, Chen Feilong lost 3-5 To Tachaia, Fan Zhengyi lost 2-5 to Wollaston, Lei Peifan lost to Higgins 2-5, and Xu Si lost 1-5 to Crick Coles.

Trump, ranked number one in the world, was upset and lost 3-5 to Burns and missed the race. Selby, who had just won the Scottish Championship, defeated Dahdi 5-4, and Mark Williams, who returned to the competition, defeated Stadman 5-4. Although Robertson was sentenced to lose in the first game because of his lateness, he was still 5-5. 2 To win Bond, O’Sullivan did not sign up to participate in this site competition.

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