Ding Junhui appeared in the Masters, and the Olympic Games will meet again in life and death duel

As one of the three snooker competitions, the championship will start this weekend. Only the top 16 players in the world can register to participate, so the competition is highly recognized. Ding Junhui, a Chinese contestant, will compete as a true seed. His opponent in the first round is Joe Perry.

In the British Championships last month, Ding Junhui regained the championship after 10 years. It is the third time in Ding Junhui’s career that he has won the honor of the British Championship. It is the first time he won the championship in three competitions since the 2011 championship.

After experiencing a long period of recession, Ding Junhui confirmed with a heavy championship medal that he can solve this kind of work pressure better than before. It also gave football fans a lot of hope for his trip to the championship game.

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