Bingham 10-8 Carter takes away 250,000 pounds and becomes the oldest champion in Masters history

As the champion of the 2015 World Championships, Bingham passed the Masters all the way, eliminated Mark Williams 6-2 in the first round, and took down Karen Wilson 6-4 in the quarter-finals. He was 6-2 in the semifinals. Victory Gilbert. After O’Sullivan retired to replace him, Carter won three consecutive Grand Slam winners all the way, first beating Selby 6-4, and then winning two 6-3 consecutive victories against Higgins and Murphy.

Carter took the lead in the first game, hitting 126 points and winning the game. In the second game, Bingham retaliated with 75 points and tied with a 122-5 win. In the third game, Bingham played several times, winning 78-56 and leading 2-1. In the fourth game, Carter scored 56 points in a single stroke, won 73-23 to catch up to 2 draws and entered the intermission.

In the fifth game, Carter pursued the victory with a 93-point stroke, winning 94-0 and overtaking 3-2. In the sixth inning, Bingham was behind with 66 points on a stroke to catch up to 3 tie with 81-69. In the seventh game, Bingham scored 50 points, winning 96-5 and leading 4-3. In the eighth game, Bingham took the initiative in the defensive battle and took the first stage 67-45 to gain a 5-3 advantage.

In the ninth game of the second stage, Carter played several times and won the game 87-4. Carter won 75-22 in the tenth game and tied the score to 5. In the 11th inning, after Bingham scored 37 points first, Carter reversed with 95 points on a single stroke and made another move. In the 12th inning, Carter scored 133 points. In the final, he broke 100 in his second shot, winning four games in a row with 134-0, and came to the halftime with a 7-5 lead.

After that, Bingham launched a Jedi counterattack. In the 13th inning, he won 71-8 with 64 points on one stroke. In the 14th inning, he won with a score of 85 points. With 88 points and zero seals, he pulled four straight rounds to overtake 9-7 to get match points. In the 17th game, Carter caught up to a match point with 77 points. In the 18th inning, Carter advanced the red ball and Bingham shot 109 points to seal the victory.

In this way, Bingham defeated Carter 10-8, won the Masters championship for the first time, and broke a 44-year-long sleep record, surpassing Ray Rilton (43 years, 114 days) at 43 years and 243 days. , The 1976 Masters champion), became the oldest champion in the history of the Masters and received a championship prize of £250,000.

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