The first second seed of the World Championships qualifiers advances to the final round, Ryan Dai Zhanmo Wang

In the early morning of April 17th, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker World Championships qualifier continued the second round of competition in Sheffield, England. The first two seeds, Ryan Day and Maguire, continued to maintain a high-pressure posture. They underestimated their opponents and advanced to the third round of the qualifying round, one step away from the race. They competed with them for the tickets to the race, Alberton and Wafi.


Ryan Day was the top seed in the qualifying round, and he swept Brazil’s Figueretto 10-2 in the first round. In the second round against Mann, Ryan Day continued to maintain an absolute advantage and ushered in his second victory 10-1.

The second seed Maguire was not far behind, but in the first stage of the match with Miah, he suffered a few setbacks and was tied twice by his opponents. After the first nine games, Maguire ended up leading 6-3. In the second stage, he only allowed his opponent to get one game, and finally Maguire easily passed 10-4.

Former world champion, Alberton, who has the title of “King of Grinding”, continued to play steadily. In the first nine games against Robbie Williams, he led by 7-2 in the first nine games. Williams improved slightly in the second stage, but failed to fundamentally reverse the decline. Alberton finally won with a score of 10-5. In this game, Alberton scored six 50+ shots and was significantly better than his opponent on both offensive and defensive ends.

The name of Michael White cannot be missing in the list of leading figures born in the 90s. At the 2015 Indian Open, he won the first ranking trophy for the born 90s. He added another title in the 2017 Paul Hunter Classic. At the World Championships, he broke into the top 8 for the first time in 2013 and is a new generation player with great stamina.

In the qualifying game that day, Little White continued to move in the right direction. However, his opponent Astri took the lead to win the jackpot with 106 points. At the end of the first nine innings of the first stage, Little White occupies a favorable position 6-3.

In the second stage, Astri played 50+ in four consecutive rounds, and the total score was once close to 7-8. In the late game, Little White stepped up his offensive efforts and scored the 16th and 17th innings with 75 and 66 points in a single stroke. The total score was 10-7 to the last laugh.

This season, the English rookie Lisowski, who set a new personal high in the top 4 at the Shanghai Masters this season, feels very good. In the game against David Grace, the top 4 dark horse at the 2015 British Championships, he broke three strokes back and forth. Hundreds, the final 10-3 is a sure victory.

At present, part of the third and final round of the qualifying match has been released. Among them, Ryan Day and Alberton compete for the main seat, Michael White’s opponent is Jimmy Robertson, and Maguire will face Iranian player Wa. Philippines.

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