Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shenyang Station has multiple deciding games on the first day, Li Hewen wins first

On August 22, Beijing time, the 2012 CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Shenyang Station, entered the first day of competition in the Shenyang Pool Club on the 9th floor. In the first round of the men’s division, defending champion Li Hewen defeated Jiang Zhe 7-3 and successfully entered the top 32. Famous players such as Jin Long and Qiu Paomou also won their first victories.

As the champion of the last race, and Shenyang can be described as his own home court, Li Hewen’s goal in the second competition is naturally to win the championship. In the first game, Li Hewen faced left-handed Jiang Zhe. During the game, Li Hewen continued to attack like clouds and flowing water and gave a wonderful performance to the audience on the sidelines. Jiang Zhe was also unwilling to show weakness, and repeatedly played beautiful offenses, but still due to the difference in strength, Li Hewen still achieved a quick victory 7 to 3, the game only took less than 40 minutes.

In other matches being played at the same time, Zhang Daowei directly advanced to the next round because his opponent abstained. Ji Yushi easily defeated Zhang Lei 7 to 1 and entered the second round. This was also a quick victory. Liu Yong scored four points in a row after a 3-3 draw with Dele Black, and finally won 7-3 to advance. The match between Bu Lingzhe and Ma Yueliang was relatively difficult. Both sides fought all the way to the decisive game. When Bu Lingzhe played the No. 8 ball, the cue ball washed the bag and sent the ball in his hand. After the opponent made defense, Bu Lingzhe brilliantly resolved the No. 8 ball into a thrilling victory. . Su Ling also had a thrilling victory over Liu Jian through a deciding game and successfully advanced. This game took more than two hours.

In the last time of the game today, there were a number of masters playing. Among them, the most interesting was the contest between the snooker player Jin Long and the top 16 player Chao Lumen. However, Golden Dragon did not show any strangeness in Chinese billiards. With stable performance, Golden Dragon quickly gained a 5 to 1 lead. After the timeout, he pulled back two points to Lumen, but Golden Dragon still won the 9th game to get the match point 6-3. After Chaolumen scored two more points, Golden Dragon finally won 7 to 5 and won his first victory in the Chinese billiards ranking match.

The match between Zhang Haojie and Liu Yang was also quite fierce. Liu Yang led 5 to 3 at one time, but then Zhang Haojie tenaciously chased the score to the decisive game. Liu Yang then stabilized his mind and won. Zheng Yubo finally defeated Xie Taibin 7-2 after falling behind in the start. Yu Ting and Fan Jidong also defeated their opponents 7-2 to advance to the second round. The last two games ended almost at the same time. Zhang Bo was chased to the tiebreaker when he got the match point first, and then the cue ball washed the bag and sent the ball in his hand. In the end, Feng Yong completed the reversal 7-6 and Qiu Paomou passed. After 12 rounds of hard work, he won by 7 to 5.

At 10 am Beijing time on the 23rd, the current National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament will continue. At that time, the men’s group E to H group competition will also be in full swing.

Signature: Star Billiards

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