Yan bingtao, the biggest black horse in the national championship, stopped in the top 4 and won praise from all the predecessors

On the evening of November 4, the semi-finals of the 2017 snooker national championship were all over. Yan bingtao, the biggest black horse in the national championship and China’s Post-00 young player, lost 2-9 to Mark Allen and missed the final.


Yan bingtao is the biggest black horse worthy of this year’s national championship. In the first round, he knocked out the number one star O’Sullivan 6-1. In the quarter final, he defeated John Higgins, one of the 75 top three players, 6-2. For the first time, he entered the top four of the large ranking competition and attracted countless attention. But in the semi-final against Mark Allen, Yan bingtao failed to continue the good feeling of the previous rounds, and finally lost 2-9. Although missed the finals, but for Yan bingtao, who has just transferred to his career for less than two years, the top four are already very good results.

When O’Sullivan was out of the game, he praised Yan bingtao for his shoulder to shoulder with Hendry Higgins, and believed that he could win many championships. “I know that he played very well in his first season of landing in the professional competition. If he can copy the performance of today’s competition, he will certainly go far in this competition. If he can go on steadily, I believe he will win a lot of competitions

Higgins also praised Yan bingtao for beating him. He said Yan bingtao was like Davis when he was young. “This is a very thoughtful game. In the process, Yan bingtao performed very well. He is great.”

Selby, who is now the world’s number one and defending champion of this national championship, also praised Yan bingtao as a new professional star after Ding Junhui. “At 17, I can’t remember what happened when I was 17, but I remember turning to a career at 16 and entering the finals for the first time at 19. Yan bingtao is very young. With such performance, I think he will become another professional star after Ding Junhui. ”

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