Warmly celebrate the star sign player Sai Hendry scored a 10th perfect score of 147


The live score also recorded this exciting moment


God! Hendry!

At 3 o’clock in the morning on February 18th, Beijing time, the last two second rounds of the 2011 Snooker and Wales Open started simultaneously. In the Scottish Derby with Maguire, “Billiard King” Hendry scored a perfect score of 147 in the first game. This was his 10th full score in his career, tying O’Sullivan’s previous full score. Record.

On the 12th of last month, Hendry lost 3-6 to Robertson on the day before his 42nd birthday, and was out of the first round of the fourth consecutive Masters. Hendry, who was worried about his ranking at the time, even expressed disappointment that this might be the last time he came to Wembley. Because once Hendry fell out of the top sixteen, he would not be able to get tickets to the Masters.

Through the 4-0 victory over Joe Perry in the first round the day before, Hendry has firmly maintained his TOP16 ranking after the third node. There is no guarantee for the Masters next year, but at least he no longer needs to be possible. Worried about playing in qualifying for the World Championships. Hendry, who played lightly, won a Scottish derby with Maguire in the second round, which was also a master-disciple battle. Maguire, who practiced with Hendry as a junior, went from acting as a caddie for picking up the ball all day, to gradually being able to fight Hendry, and now alone becoming one of the best players born in the 80s. As he grew up, Hendry’s age also gradually increased.

Yao think that in the 2008 World Championships, Maguire lost the last red ball and lost 147. In the end, he had to smash tiles in the bathroom to vent his anger. It was also in that World Championships that O’Sullivan completed his ninth full score, surpassing Hendry’s long-held record.

On April 28, 2009, the 40-year-old Hendry also completed the ninth full score of his career at the Crucible Theater. Not only did he set a personal record for the longest score between two strokes, he also became a professional ranking tournament. The oldest full score player. In 1989, 41-year-old Cliff Samben scored his second perfect score in the Super League, and this time in Wales, Hendry set this record together, undisputedly becoming a record in snooker history. The oldest player with full marks!

At the World Open in September last year, O’Sullivan, who was very dissatisfied with the cancellation of the full score award, was “persuaded” by the referee to score a 147 and became the first player to reach double digits on full scores. Many remarks by the Rockets after the game It also caused controversy among all parties. O’Sullivan’s 147 stroke, in the end, took at least 4,000 pounds, and this time the Welsh Open, the highest single-stroke prize was only 1,000 pounds. But obviously, in the eyes of many fans, although it is also the 147th personal 10th shot, Hendry’s this time in Wales, the value of this shot is far more than before. Just because he is always the proud “Billiard King”, just for his heart that will never give up!

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