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Xingpai pool table. On September 22, Guangzhou Evergrande’s 2019 Global Snooker my country Open Red Carpet Ceremony and kick-off ceremony was held in Guangzhou Xiaomanyao. Ding Junhui, Selby, Trump, Higgins and other 72 global players The strongest snooker master stepped onto the red carpet. The well-known Guangzhou Evergrande new energy vehicle brand “Hengchi”, which soon helped the Evergrande team to enter the semi-finals of the AFC Champions League, is also present. At 7:00 p.m. on September 23, the event will kick off at Tianhe Stadium in Guangzhou.

Under the waist of Guangzhou Xiaoman, when defending Selby, World No. 1 Trump, Higgins and other basketball stars appeared, laughter came and went one after another. It was Ding Junhui’s key appearance that completely burned the audience. He also interacted with football fans on the spot.

Then, in an on-site interview, Ding Junhui praised: “The Chinese Championships are getting better every year and the specifications and models are getting higher and higher. I hope to have a good main performance in this competition, and I hope to go one by one. Try to keep the situation as long as possible and stable.” World No. 1 Trump is very confident. She said: “Guangzhou is my treasure land. I hope to get a better performance in this tournament than in the past. “The last season’s third runner-up Higgins expressed, “I played a very exciting finals against Selby in Guangzhou last year. I arrived in Guangzhou in 2019 and I was confident and good. which performed.”

At the next kick-off ceremony, Ding Junhui, Selby, and Neil Robertson served as the “Guangzhou Evergrande 2019 Global Snooker my country Open Image Spokesperson”. At this stage, the ticket fees for the Guangzhou Evergrande 2019 China Championships are already on sale on, and the market sales of tickets for the opening and opening games are very good.

The China Championships was founded in 2016, organized by the Global Post Snooker Research Association, China Billiards Association, and the exclusive agency of Evergrande Real Estate. It has become the largest in my country, the strongest lineup, the richest rewards, and the most harmful. International A-level competition.

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