Pan Xiaoting appeared at the V Impact Summit

Xingpai pool table. On December 23, “The Queen of Nine Balls” Pan Xiaoting was invited to participate in the 2018 Sina Weibo V visibility summit. At the scene, Pan Xiaoting appeared in a patchwork, cool and handsome suit. The classic, crisp, short hair was even more heroic, and the cold-aged appearance became the focus of the whole scene. The crystal-clear watery skin of the collagen powder is indispensable. After being convinced, many netizens chanted “beautiful”.

has been famous for more than 20 years. Except for the soaring appearance, Pan Xiaoting’s popularity has become more and more prosperous. It is not limited to the billiard industry. All Chinese sports stars have long been unable to ignore the popularity of the “nine ball queen”. At the 2018 Sina Weibo V visibility summit, Pan Xiaoting, as a special guest at the awards ceremony, awarded the medal to the “long jump champion” Wang Yu who won the “Sina Weibo 2018 Best Popularity Sports Culture V”. Standing next to Wang Yu, who is 190, the “nine ball queen” is not on the ground. As an old sportsman, Pan Xiaoting has polished and polished a confident aura on the field for a long time, with a distinctive style and high score built in. Allure. It’s no wonder that the two people stand together with super cute height difference. They are equal in size and spirit. Tonight, the combination of the strongest well-known players and the younger generation of popular players complements each other.

Marketing and promotion of new billiard projects has always been Pan Xiaoting’s diligent position. Today, she has long been well-known to promote this niche fitness exercise. In the interview, Pan Xiaoting expressed that she will once again become hot in the billiard industry, and will continue to develop her work for the marketing and promotion of billiards. In the end, Pan Xiaoting also revealed the recent work trend, enjoy the summer vacation after the game. In addition, the Lunar New Year Cup billiards game has been put on the schedule in advance preparation work, and as the most eye-catching talent display stage in the Lunar New Year Cup, it also allows The audience doubly hope that this time, “the Queen of Nine Balls” Pan Xiaoting will show what professional skills.

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