2012 Baoji First “Xingpai Cup” Chinese Billiards Open ended successfully

The development of billiards in Baoji City has not been ideal, but with the establishment of the first real star club in Baoji, the support of Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. and Xingpai Billiards Shaanxi Branch has also followed. To provide the majority of Baoji billiard fans with an opportunity to communicate and interact to improve their billiard skills, Xingpaijing and Baoji Club have discussed and decided to organize a Chinese-style billiards Open in Baoji City. From November 24th to 25th, 69 Baoji billiards fans gathered in the club. With the mentality of communicating first and second in the game, they presented a feast of billiard skills to hundreds of spectators in the past two days. Whether it’s the players in the game or the spectators off the field, they walk to the table from time to time, take a closer look at the table, and ask the players how they feel when playing on this table. The most heard is, “This table is good. There is no such good stand in Baoji.”

After two days of fierce competition, Song Xiaoli, a female player from Fengxiang County, won the championship smoothly when the male player gave two goals. Chen Yan, known as the “Baoji first shot” of billiards, could only be the runner-up, Zhang Cong won the third place, and Li Yang. Won the third place, Xia Yun, Qi Lei, Yang Guodong, and Yang Fan were tied for fifth place. This time the star company bonus has been set to the top 16.

This game caused a huge response among Baoji fans. During the game and when it closed nearby, there were some billiard fans who wanted to sign up and said that this kind of game was too attractive and watched from the sidelines. I want to go up and play a few shots. Every time between games, the table will be filled with fans. The two partners of the club were also very happy to see this situation.

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