7-5 thrilling advancement Golden Dragon: next round against Zheng Yubo hopes to dedicate a wonderful game

7-5 thrilling advancement Golden Dragon: the next round against Zheng Yubo hopes to dedicate a wonderful game

On August 22, 2012, the 2012 CBSA “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shenyang Station officially kicked off at the Shenyang Ninth Floor Billiards Club. As the only official Chinese-style billiards ranking competition in the country, the competition attracted top players from all over the country, including national players such as Jinlong, Li Hewen, and Liu Haitao. In a focused battle this afternoon, Golden Dragon faced Inner Mongolia teenager Chao Lumen in the first round. After 12 games, Golden Dragon defeated his opponent 7-5 and advanced to the top.

Inner Mongolian teenager Chao Lumen is a rising star in Chinese billiards in recent years. Although he is young, he has maintained good results in various competitions he participated in. Although Golden Dragon is a national player, his main item is snooker. It is unknown whether he can maintain his standard on the Chinese pool table and compete with professional players on the same stage. Therefore, this game has become the focus of the game today, attracting many billiards fans to stop and watch.

After the start of the game, Golden Dragon took the lead and quickly gained a 2-0 lead. Although he recovered a game against Lumen in the third game, the Inner Mongolia guy made many low-level mistakes in the first half of the game. Having a firm grasp of the rhythm of the game, Chao Lumen could only sit aside as a spectator. The turning point of the game appeared in the 7th inning. After the intermission, Chao Lumen seemed to find some touch to chase the score to 3-5. After that, the score of the two increased alternately, and finally after 12 innings, Jinlong seized the opportunity 7-5. A narrow victory over Chao Lumen and advanced to the second round.

Summarizing this game, Golden Dragon admitted that although he won, he did not play well. “I played a bit impatiently. I was in a 5-1 lead, but I was overtaken by the opponent in the second half. I was able to win the game. I can say that my luck is better.” As a professional snooker This is the first time for Golden Dragon to participate in a Chinese-style billiards ranking competition. “I played Chinese-style billiards more than 10 years ago. I must be a little uncomfortable if I haven’t practiced for so many years. Many people say, “The size of a snooker table is so big that you can play so well. , Chinese billiards, you must be fine’, but in fact, the difference between the two is quite big. Chinese billiards use a heavier ball, and sometimes you can’t play with a snooker cue. It feels completely different.”

In the game, Golden Dragon has more thinking time than the opponent’s sharp offense. “Such a formal and authoritative ranking match requires every ball to be hit. Of course, I am definitely not as good as Chinese billiards on the line. The players want to be so comprehensive and in place.”

After winning the game, Golden Dragon will usher in a more difficult opponent Zheng Yubo in the second round. Looking forward to this game, Jin Long smiled and said, “Zheng Yubo’s level is very high. I can only say that I will try my best to play this game well. I hope we will dedicate a wonderful game for everyone.”

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