Ding Junhui 5-1 Joe Perry, Li Xing 5-3 Abdon, the Chinese regiment is again in the Derby life and death battle

On September 21st, the third round of the 2017 Snooker World Open of the China·Shangrao·Yushan “Sanqingshan” Cup was held.


Ding Junhui, who has drawn much attention from fans, met Joe Perry, who was runner-up in last year’s Open in the 1/8 stage. Loss occupies an absolute advantage, but recently in the 2015 Masters, the 2015 Players Championship finals and the 2017 Masters, Ding Junhui lost to the England veteran who has played in the World Snooker Pro for 26 seasons.


That night, in the match between Ding Junhui and Joe Perry, Perry was unsure of the separation angle in the first game. He touched the ball twice with two strokes and slammed the bag twice. In the face of a rough start, Joe Perry himself shook his head helplessly. The score was 37:56, Ding Junhui passed a pass against snooker, forcing Perry to solve the ball without a chance to leave, Ding Junhui cleared the table with a single stroke to complete the score go-ahead, 68:56 the first victory.

In the second game, Ding Junhui took the lead, but Perry seized the opportunity of Ding Junhui’s mistake, a 60-point lead over the score, and pulled back the game with 79:18. In the third game, although Perry had several chances, he was unlucky. Ding Junhui smoothly opened the score 92:0 again. Next, Goddess of Luck seemed to be particularly favored by Ding Junhui, and the red ball in the bottom pocket helped Ding Junhui score 75 points on a single stroke and entered the second half 3-1.

At the beginning of the second half, Ding Junhui’s state remained unchanged. He scored 60 points in a single shot and won the fifth game at 70:16. In the sixth game, Perry took the lead with 31 points. After Ding Junhui took over the table, he passed the score again with 63 points on a single stroke, 67:31. However, Perry did not want to shake hands and try to recover the defeat with the remaining colored balls on the table. After three or five rounds, Ding Junhui once again expanded the score to 79:35, knocking out Perry 5-1 and entering the quarterfinals.


Regarding the rest of the competition, Ding Junhui said in an interview that he did not think so far. He just wanted to play a good game and then prepare for the next one. He didn’t think about winning the championship in the past. What kind of result will be in the end is not something that should be considered now.


Cao Yupeng’s match against Brecher took place at the same time in the evening. In the first half of the game, Cao Yupeng took a 3-1 lead. However, after the intermission, the talented player Brechel tenaciously tied the big score to 3-3. In the end, Brecher, who was getting warmer, reversed the game 5-4 and blocked Cao Yupeng from the top 8.


In the match lasting nearly five hours in the evening, Li Xing defeated Alberton 5-3 and will face Ding Junhui in the quarter stage. Regarding tomorrow’s game, Li Xing said in an interview that he would often play against Ding Junhui when he was very young. Now he hopes to have a good game with Ding Junhui. Ding Junhui’s strength is definitely above him, but he will try his best to give He caused some trouble.


Early in the afternoon game, Robertson, who struggling to reach the round of 16, ushered in the two-time Haikou Open champion Mark Allen in the 1/8 stage. Although Robertson occupies a 10 wins and 7 losses, he faced Allen, the new-cut representative of the snooker world, and eventually lost 4-5.

8 finals against other games, Williams 5-1 Jimmy Robertson, Wilson 5-3 Tachaia, Gilbert 5-2 Higgins, McGill 5-0 Lee Walker.

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