Female football fans help O’Sullivan hit the black ball

Where there is O’Sullivan, there are stories. The 2017 Snooker England Open continues. Following the sneaker turmoil, O’Sullivan was suddenly interfered by female fans in the late third round. The uninvited guest not only trot around the stage to avoid the interception of the security, but also playfully helped O’Sullivan hit the last black ball.


O’Sullivan’s opponent in the third round is China’s Zhang Yong. The former is an accomplished five-time world champion, and the latter has only been in the profession for more than two years. All signs indicate that this is an asymmetric war. Unsurprisingly, the Rockets quickly lifted off and showed off with 68, 126 and 127 points in a row. In the first three rounds, Zhang Yong only scored a negligible 7 points in the first round. In the other two rounds, he swallowed duck eggs. O’Sullivan quickly got the match point 3-0.

In the fourth round, Zhang Yong seized the opportunity to get back a city with 54 points on a single shot. But the game quickly returned to O’Sullivan’s hands. In the fifth game, the Rockets took the lead in breaking through and then launched an offensive again. As the game came to an end, there was an accident when a female fan suddenly broke into the arena, causing a commotion on the scene. Faced with the security guard who rushed in, the female fan trot around the stage and quickly avoided their interception.

In the chaos, O’Sullivan calmly leaned over and scored the pink ball, completed his third shot 120+ in the game, and then generously handed the cue to the intruder. “Are you rich in scoring?” The female fans did not forget to tease before hitting the ball. But she tried twice but failed.

“In the beginning I didn’t know what to do. She said to me’I just want to run a lap’.” O’Sullivan said in an interview after the game. “At the time I thought that the security guard would deal with her rudely-that would kill her! I saved her from being rudely intercepted.”

This is not the first time O’Sullivan has been “raided” by fans. In the 1997 Masters final, O’Sullivan and veteran Steve Davis are in the championship battle. Shortly after the kick-off of the third game, a female fan suddenly broke into the arena naked. O’Sullivan, who was only 22 years old at the time, had a shy face and reached out mischievously to block referee Yang Haworth’s eyes.

In the final of the 2004 World Championships and the final of the 2008 World Championships, O’Sullivan has witnessed the crazy performance of the “streaking king” Mark Roberts in his own court. Obviously O’Sullivan was not affected in any way, and he successfully climbed to the top twice.

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