Ding Junhui promoted in the first round of the Welsh Open

The 2020 Snooker Welsh Open kicked off recently. In the first round that has ended, Chinese player Ding Junhui defeated Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun 4-2. At the same time, the World Snooker Tour (WST) and the World Professional Billy and Snooker Association (WPBSA) jointly decided to donate to patients with COVID-19 in China every time a single stroke breaks 100 during the Welsh Open. 1,000 pounds.

The Welsh Open is one of the oldest professional snooker competitions. The last competition had 81 single-stroke breaks. Ding Junhui won the championship in 2012. Since the start of 2020, Xiaohui has participated in 4 races so far and 3 rounds have appeared.

In the first round of the Wales game, Ding Junhui’s opponent was Hong Kong veteran Fu Jiajun. In the past 16 matches between the two men, Ding Junhui won 7 of them, but he has lost 3 times in a row since 2016. After the start of the game, Fu Jiajun took the lead in the game. Ding Junhui seized the opportunity in the second round, and then each had their own wins and losses. The first 4 rounds were tied 2-2.

In the critical fifth game, Ding Junhui won with 92 points in a single stroke after getting started, and took the lead in winning the match point 3-2. In the sixth game, Ding Junhui scored 66 points in one stroke and won the game 89 to 28. The total score defeated Fu Jiajun 4 to 2 and advanced to the second round. During the tournament, the World Snooker Tour (WST) and the World Professional Billy and Snooker Association (WPBSA) made a decision to donate to Chinese patients with new crown pneumonia every time a single shot breaks 100 in this year’s Welsh Open. 1,000 pounds.

WST Chairman Barry Hearn and WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson said together: “We care about every COVID-19 patient in China and the people affected by the epidemic. Many of them are our close friends and like-minded colleagues. A partner in the same boat. Through holding multiple events in China year after year, we have fallen in love with the land of China and have established many successful and close ties. The current epidemic situation has made it difficult for all affected people. We must do our best to help and support the Chinese people.”

(Reposted from the 03 edition of China Sports Daily on February 12, author: Hu Jianhua)

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