Yushan, the first international group of the qualifiers of the Chinese Billiards World Championships, kicked off, with lore, reversal, sweeping…


On March 22, the first match of the international group of the 2018 CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championships in Yushan, China, Shangrao, Yushan kicked off in the Yushan No. 1 Middle School Gymnasium. The international group’s competition was wonderful and there were many things to watch. Lore, reversal, and sweep became the key words of the day’s competition.

In several focus games, the Scottish star Jason Shaw completed a 7-6 reversal with 0-3 behind in the start, and struggled to win a good start, while “Jade-faced Flying Dragon” Zhang Yulong suffered a 4-1 lead and was defeated by his opponent. The 7-6 lore came back and lost the first game. Russian beauty Anastasia Nizhava swept the opponent 5-0. The promotion list will be produced on the 23rd.

Scottish star Jason Shaw, who entered the World Championships for the first time last year and broke into the semi-finals, faced British player Harry Owen. Nicknamed “Eagle Eye”, Xiao has the title of “The Strongest on the Surface”. With the help of many heavyweight championships such as the Moscone Cup, the U.S. Open, and the Derby City Classic, he won the AZB Men of the Year in 2016-17. Player award.

The strength of the opponent Irving cannot be underestimated. This is also reflected in the course of the game. At the beginning of the game, Irving scored a 3-0 lead in succession, giving Xiao a good start. Xiao stabilized his position and caught up 3-3. After that, the two fell into a long tug-of-war. Irving arrived at the match point 6-5 first but called the No. 8 ball error. Xiao was lucky to drag the game into the final game and complete the reversal 7-6 in one effort, winning a thrilling start.


Chinese Taipei star Zhang Yulong has an impressive record in the 9-ball arena. He once ranked among the top three in the WPA world. Unfortunately, he has not been able to make a breakthrough in the Chinese Billiards World Championships. He has not been able to reach the final 32 in several competitions. Strong.

In this competition, he went out again, in the first round against British player Murray Dolan. He was ambition to make a breakthrough and made a good start of 4-1. Unexpectedly, Dolan suddenly broke out, as if with the help of God, he pulled 5 straight games 6-4 straight to the match point. The battle-tested Zhang Yulong did not panic, and steadily pursued two consecutive rounds and entered the deciding round to fight. In the deciding game, Zhang Yulong quickly cleared his color ball, but failed to get the No. 8 ball, and reluctantly chose to defend. Facing the good opportunity, Duolan cleared the table directly and successfully came back 7-6.

In other games, Snooker Slyther, who upset the Rockets O’Sullivan in the Northern Ireland game last year, defeated the first-round opponent 7-3 after passing the play-offs. “Hong Kong Capital Warcraft” Wu Kunlin defeated Canada’s Crewe 7-2. Grid, the Myanmar king Yang Shaojie, who reached the top 8 last year and was well-known by the Chinese, received a gift from his opponents to withdraw from the game, and several of them went hand in hand. In recent years, Chinese Taipei player Liu has been more focused on the direction of coaches and player agents. Xiaowen lost to Canada’s Marty 3-7 and failed in the first match.

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