The Chinese Billiard Dream of Father and Son

7-1! In the second decisive round of the extra-conference match, Liaoning star Zhao Hongyi easily defeated Chen Guanda and caught the last train of the intra-conference match. Zhao Hongyi has been in the billiards arena for nearly 30 years and was once a top 16 player in Chinese billiards. Although he claims to be “not practicing ball now”, his rich experience is still very important in the fierce Chinese billiards after the 90s and even the 00s.

The Chinese Billiard Dream of Father and Son

After the game, Zhao Hongyi did not leave immediately, but said: “Wait for my son.” At this time, Zhao Hongyi’s son, Zhao Yanhao, who is only 15 years old, competed with Zhao Qiming on the 1st table to qualify for the in-game competition.

If it were not for his son, Zhao Hongyi might not have returned to the Chinese billiards arena to fight in the north and south: “I will accompany my son to play.” Zhao Yanhao started practicing at the age of 10. What’s interesting is that he took the road of billiards because of his father One of my choices: “My house drove a ball room. One year when my father accepted an apprentice, I refused to admit defeat and started practicing. After I studied for half a year, it would be difficult for the little apprentice to beat me.” In this way, Zhao Yanhao started. In the career of a professional billiard player, it is commonplace to practice six or seven hours a day.

The Chinese Billiard Dream of Father and Son

Zhao Yanhao has accumulated some fame in Liaoning, where Chinese billiards are strong players, and has repeatedly achieved good results in local and national youth competitions in Liaoning. But he still has a long way to go in the fiercely competitive Chinese billiards rankings. Facing Zhao Qiming, Zhao Yanhao fell behind 2-6 early. Although he chased two games in a row, he was unable to return to the sky.

Zhao Yanhao believes that stability is where he needs to be improved: “Sometimes I win a stronger opponent, and then immediately lose to a weaker opponent.” Zhao Hongyi believes that what his son currently lacks is experience and how to deal with all kinds of things. Spherical, how to adjust the mentality, are all issues that need to be faced. Fortunately, nowadays there are many CBSA Chinese billiards ranked competitions, and young players have many opportunities to accumulate and grow in actual combat.

Billiards is a gentleman’s sport that tests brain power. These two characteristics have changed the young Zhao Yanhao a lot: “Playing billiards has allowed me to focus on one thing. I never paid attention to my image before, but now I start. Attention.”

Fight against the tiger brothers and fight the father and son soldiers. I look forward to them getting smoother and smoother on the road of Chinese billiards!

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