Star player Zheng Yubo successfully defended the Chinese Billiards China Open, Chen Xue won the women’s championship

On November 15, China? Shangrao? Yushan 2015 CBSA “China Sports Lottery” Cup Chinese Billiards China Open ended successfully. Men’s star player Zheng Yubo beat Wang Yan to the championship at 21:15, and women’s Chen Xue at 15:11 Cong Jing won the championship, and the third and third place in the men’s and women’s groups were won by Zhang Lei, Xiao Liu Chuang, Yang Fan, and Jing Siya respectively. Zheng Yubo won the championship again after the 2014 China Open and successfully defended the title.

At 13:00 in the afternoon, the much-anticipated final attracted much attention. Zheng Yubo took the lead all the way from the beginning of the game. In a blink of an eye, the score has been pulled to 5:2. Veteran Wang Yan came from behind and withstood the pressure to pull 3 games in a row. In the 10th game, both players were in the bag There was a mistake, but Wang Yan, who was in good shape, took the game. The score came to 5:5.13 innings. Wang Yan made a simple black ball error and Zheng Yubo cleared the table. When Zheng Yubo hit the black ball in the 15th inning, the white ball fell into the pocket. Come back from rest and adjust Zheng Yubo, who was in good condition, temporarily led Wang Ya 10-7, and the first half ended.

The second half of the game officially started at 6:30. At the beginning of the game, the two players felt bad and each made mistakes. The score stumbled to 12-8. In the 21st inning, the two sides started a defensive battle. Zheng Yubo hit the last ball and beat the black eight. When there was a lot of static electricity, Wang Yan pulled back another round. In 33 rounds, Zheng Yubo washed the bag when the ball was black and gave the opponent another point. Throughout the game, Zheng Yubo kept suppressing his opponent Wang Yan, and finally won 21-15. The champion of the tournament. After the game, the reporter asked Zheng Yubo about the secret of the ball. Zheng Yubo said that he usually has special training for the ball, and he can practice for up to 8 hours a day. Regarding the technical aspects, pay attention to the cue ball at the moment of kick-off. Pay attention to controlling the white ball. Speaking of opponent Wang Yan, “I saw Mr. Wang when he was at the peak. After all, with the increase of age, the accuracy has declined and coupled with the sluggish state for several consecutive years, there may be some lack of mental adjustment. “The former king did not show too much frustration after losing the ball. On the contrary, when I met the reporter in the media room, he jokingly said that he would meet at the World Championships next year.

As for the women’s players, the duel between Champion and Asia was between Cong Jing and Chen Xue. In the end, Chen Xue defeated Cong Jing at 15:11 to become the women’s champion of the competition, and Yang Fan defeated Jing Siya 11:9 to win the third place.

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