Xingpai billiards table has witnessed countless 147 full marks

The 2017 Daqing National Championship has been successfully concluded for four or five days, and everyone is still talking about Karen Wilson’s beautiful 147 perfect score. In fact, hitting a perfect score of 147 is the dream goal of every professional snooker player. As long as there is a chance, every player will work hard, but the birth of the 147 full score requires the cooperation of many factors such as strength, mentality, luck, etc., which can be met and cannot be expected. Therefore, many players have not been able to play in the official game in their entire lives. 147 in one shot.

After Liang Wenbo scored 147 points in the 2017 Snooker England Open and Mark Selby in the China Professional Snooker Tour Haining International Open, Karen Wilson played in the second round of the 2017 Daqing National Championships. With a score of 147 points, in just half a month, the Xingpai pool table witnessed the birth of 147 out of three shots.

Wilson’s 147 is the official record 133th 147 full score, and 67 of these 133 147s were played on the star pool table. Of course, the emergence of a 147 is the product of the best cooperation of players’ strength, technology, mentality, etc., but a good pool table is also crucial to the production of 147. It is no accident that so many 147 points were born on the Xingpai pool table.

1. Top bluestone

Bluestone is the best type of billiard slate that has been discovered so far, and it is also the only slate recognized by the global official billiard organization. The world’s three largest billiard slates are produced in Jiangxi, Italy, and Minas Gerais, Brazil. . The slate used in the Xing brand billiard table was originally collected from Yushan, Jiangxi, and later imported from Brazil. They are all selected excellent bluestones. The manual high-precision dry grinding developed by the Xing brand has a flatness error of ≤0.05mm, which can ensure the accurate movement of the ball. line.

2. Standard bag mouth

The Xing brand billiard table adopts the purely hand-made craftsmanship of engineers with more than 20 years of experience, and uses the standard bag mouth mold authorized by the World Snooker Billiard Federation to manually approve the bag mouth, which is strict to millimeters and fits the arc to ensure the entrance. Ball rate.

3. Constant temperature dehumidification

Star World Professional Snooker Game dedicated table is equipped with a self-developed second-generation automatic constant temperature heating and dehumidification system, which can make the temperature of the whole table even and uniform. Even in a humid environment, the cloth can be used normally, and the impact on the ball’s alignment and rebound is reduced.

4. High-quality installation

Xingpai has thirty-year-old installation technology and a skilled installation team, which can ensure that the billiard table on the stadium fully meets the inspections of the World Taiwan Federation.

Xingpai team keeps pace with the times and constantly develops and produces better, higher-end and smarter pool tables to meet the needs of players and major competitions. Xingpai billiard tables will also witness more 147 full marks, and the birth of more and more 147 full marks also proves the quality of Xingpai billiard tables!

Signature: Star Billiards

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