Billiard table specifications: comparison between adult standard billiard tables and children billiard tables

Billiard table specifications. The main types of billiards popular in the world are divided into Chinese billiards, English billiards, American billiards, French billiards and Russian billiards. To put it bluntly, it is divided according to the origin of billiards. The following are some adult standard billiard tables and children’s billiard table specifications compiled by the editor. I hope to help everyone!

Adult standard billiard table and children billiard table specifications

1. Adult standard pool table

(1) The base surface of the table is called the game table, which should be a horizontal rectangle, 2.74 meters long, 1.525 meters wide, and 76 cm high from the ground; the game table includes the edge of the table, excluding the side below the top edge.

(2) The playing surface should be uniformly dark, without light, with two red edges and red ends that are 2 cm wide.

(3) The game table consists of a vertical net parallel to the end line into two equal table areas. The total area of ​​each table area should be a group.

(4) When the ball is in the game, if the player or any objects worn by the player move the game surface, the player’s non-holding clap hands and touches the game surface will be sentenced to lose points.

2, children’s pool table

Children’s billiard tables refer to billiard tables with relatively small sizes for children. The quality of this type of billiard tables varies greatly. Some of them are of high quality and exquisite workmanship. Except for the small size, other billiard tables are exactly the same as high-end adult billiard tables, so the price It is also relatively high. Some are just pool table toys, the materials are simple, and the price is average.

The high-end children’s billiard table is made of pure solid wood, using imported tablecloth. The style is exactly the same as that of a normal billiard table, but the size is slightly smaller. This kind of billiard table is expensive, some around 10,000 yuan.

General children’s billiard tables are simple in design. The legs are foldable and retractable. Most of them are made of wood-based panels. The table top is covered with ordinary flannel, and the price is about several hundred yuan. There are also plastic materials and lower prices.

There is also a children’s pool table which is a kind of practical toy. It has only one table and no table legs. It can be placed on the table at home when playing. This kind of toy pool table is about 100 yuan.

There is also a small size billiard table, which can be used for children, adults, and can also be used as a dining table. This small size billiard table is very common abroad, such as 7 feet (209*118*80cm or 221* 114*80cm), 8 feet (251*133*80cm). Both 7-foot and 8-foot small billiard tables can be transformed into dining tables, that is, the pool table has a cover, and the cover is covered when eating, and the cover is removed when playing.

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