Robertson added another championship to Zhou Yuelong’s 9-0 career

In the 2020 Snooker European Championship, the young Chinese player Zhou Yuelong, who played on the stage of the ranking finals for the first time, did not realize his dream. Under the heavy work pressure, he gave full play to the disorder and was swept by the enemy Robertson 9-0. After losing, Robertson won his first championship in the new season and his 17th career development medal.


As the Chinese legion is bigger in this competition

An unexpected surprise, Zhou Yuelong gave himself the opportunity to compete for the ranking championship for the first time. In the past two years, Zhou Yuelong has been criticizing young Chinese football players here. Reliability has always been his advantage. He rarely fails in one round of matches. It is the most basic and sufficient that he can play 2-3 games in each station. In the 2019 World Championships, he is the only Chinese football player who has reached the second round of the main match besides Ding Junhui. However, Zhou Yuelong’s problem lies in the fact that he has not improved his shortcomings. The low limit is high but the limit cannot be improved. He was also in the European Championship in 2017. All the way to the finals is his best so far. He hasn’t touched the top 4 since then.

In this game, Zhou Yuelong finally improved, plus two rounds of qualifiers. He experienced a total of three deciding games, each defeating Browning, Marco Williams and Gary Wilson, especially in the short-term end with Wilson. In the finals of 1-3, Zhou Yuelong calmly settled and finally made a big reversal under the bad situation of 1-3. It coincided with my country’s Spring Festival, and he also passed his 22-year-old birthday in the game. Zhou Yuelong deservedly became the “top koi fish” in my country’s snooker industry in some very traditional festivals.

It is worth mentioning that in the finals, he made the 99th single-stroke break of his career in the finals, and his next stroke will be 100, which will make him the 71st in history. Xiang Chuangju football players, our country has Ding Junhui, Fu Jiajun, Liang Wenbo, Xiao Guodong, and Tian Pengfei who have broken 100 shots. He will be the first Chinese player born in the 90s. In addition, he will reach 100 shots. The youngest football player who broke the Hundred One must understand that he was already the least football player to produce 147.


On the other hand, Neil Robertson’s bad luck in the rankings of the new season has finally come to an end. Because the Coral Bush Championship is approaching, Robertson is forced to give himself a lot of tickets, and he has to rush two steps before the European Championship. His single-season ranking is only 22nd. Robertson in this competition can be said to be a good one. During the main season, he did not let all an enemy win more than two games, and he also sent out five strokes in turn to break the 100, and once again snatched the break from Trump. The fourth pick in history.

Zhou Yuelong, born in 1998, and Robertson, who became famous in 1998, had only one battle before. In the top 16 of the 2018 China Open, Neil Robertson won 6-1 cleanly, but Zhou Yuelong won. In his only game, he also dedicated the largest single shot of the entire game with 122 points, and did not completely lose his sense of superiority.

In the first game, Zhou Yuelong caught up with the situation after being first scored 45 by the team, but he quickly interrupted the attack. Robertson still grabbed the lead with accuracy; in the second game, Zhou Yuelong was the first to annoy him, but After occupying 44, there were problems in running positions. Since then, he has missed important attacks several times, and Robertson’s defense led to 2 penalties, and was finally reversed by the enemy in a single game. There were still opportunities in the first two games but they were totally unsure of it. Zhou Yuelong let himself quickly in the general attack, while Robertson stepped into the touch. In the 3rd and 4th games, he had a single shot of 99 and 128, respectively. After taking off, completely leaving no opportunity for the enemy, the battle was opened to 4-0 before resting.

In the 5th game after returning home, Robertson scored another 82 points. In the third game, he was blocked by zero opponents. Since the second game, he continued to score 410 points. For Zhou Yuelong, the poor situation continued. In the next match, not only did the enemy fought more smoothly, and the bag was blown up repeatedly, but there were also several offensive fouls such as bag smashing, and the long-stage attack also failed to make a move from beginning to end. This trend made the situation a step forward. Zoom in again. In the last game of the first stage, Robertson made a single shot of 109. The 8-0 situation made the second stage a mere formality. The only foreshadowing is whether Robertson will be cold and cold and complete this with zero. A final?

The reference answer is-Yes. In the 9th game after returning home, Zhou Yuelong still failed to find a professional skill pack that kept attacking. He scored 37 points to lay the groundwork. Since then, Robertson has left opportunities for defense and inaccurate attacks. However, Zhou Yuelong still played several times. Lost an attack with a low degree of difficulty, and there were still bags falling. After Robertson caught up with the game, he used a snooker shot to cause Zhou Yuelong to continue penalties. Finally, Robertson scored important yellow and green balls in turn. The game was over scored and the game was framed at 9-0 since then. This score spans the new season. Selby defeated Gilbert 9-1 in the finals, and the final 9 or so can be zero, and it will be placed in historical time. Very rare.

Obviously there is still a chance to compete for the championship for the first time, which brings Zhou Yuelong’s mental state to bear too much. Especially when he fails to meet the enemy in the opening stage, the work pressure is getting more and more serious. In the end, he failed to change. To become the fourth mainland Chinese football player to win the overall championship in the rankings, and even to break the 100th shot, he will have to wait a while. Naturally, for the young man, it will be regarded as a precious work experience after all.

It is Robertson’s 17th overall championship in the rankings of his career. He and Selby returned to the same starting line again in the battle of this data information, and he was on the top 100 rankings and was also dropped according to these events. A small difference from Trump. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Zhou Yuelong is already fourth. The Chinese contestants who lost to Robertson in the finals of the Ranking Tournament, the top three are Ding Junhui, Liang Wenbo and Cao Yupeng, naturally only Ding Junhui has played since then. Revenge in the finals.

Two days later, the next ranking match, the French Championship, is coming. Robertson will accumulate bonus points for his single season again. Ding Junhui and Trump will also show up at that time. Zhou Yuelong will be due to the qualifiers. The defeat missed the race, but he will still appear in the challenge game next month.

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