The king of Chinese billiards-star player Zheng Yubo will make a high-profile appearance in Shandong

Zheng Yubo, currently the number one star contract player in Chinese billiards, will be invited on April 26 and 27 to attend the large-scale “Star World * Qilu Billiards” held in the square store of Linzi Ye Minghao Star Billiards Club. Zheng Yubo fans Meeting. This event has also received strong support from the local government and the Sports Bureau. At the same time, I would like to thank the organizer of this event Linzi Ye Minghao Star Billiard Club. During the event, Zibo TV Station, Linzi District TV Station, Luzhong Morning Post , Trick or Treat, top147 and many other media will report in time.

Zheng Yubo, Xingpai signed player. Since his debut in 2007, he has signed a contract with the well-known billiard supplies brand Xingpai. After years of personal hard work and Xingpai’s continuous training, he has become the first Chinese billiard player. Held in 2014 During the Chinese Billiards World Championships, Zheng Yubo entered the main stage as the number one in Chinese. Quietly, Zheng Yubo has won dozens of big and small competitions, but he is never proud, practice hard, and use himself In exchange for more gains, I hope Zheng Yubo can go further and wider on his billiards road, and realize his billiard dreams!

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