The World Cup ends, Wu Jiaqing and Liu Haitao team up to defeat Austria to win China’s third championship

After five match days, the 9-ball World Cup ended on the evening of May 20, 2018. In the final finals, the Chinese A team defeated last year’s champion Austrian team by a score of 10-3, winning the third championship trophy for the Chinese team.


The 9-ball World Cup is a men’s doubles event, founded in 2006, and has been successfully held for 11 sessions. This year is the first time this 9-ball classic event has been introduced to China. The stadium is located in the Luwan Stadium in Shanghai. A total of 32 teams from 31 countries and regions around the world participated in this World Cup. As the host, China sent the Chinese A team and the China B team composed of national team players Wu Jiaqing and Liu Haitao, as well as Wang Ming and Kong Dejing who were selected through the trials. Participate.

All World Cup matches adopt a single-elimination-elimination system, with a time limit of 30 seconds, and the winner rushes the ball. In the opening game, the Austrian team led by former men’s 9-ball World Championship champion Albin Oschun beat Chile to advance with a score of 7-3. In the second round, the Austrian team encountered a strong blockade from the Polish team, and at the last minute, they beat their opponents. In the quarter-finals, the Austrian team defeated the Dutch team led by Niels Fein 9-3 and got tickets to the semifinals.

In the semi-finals this afternoon, the Austrian team met with the biggest dark horse Chinese B team of the tournament. In this game, the Austrian team took the lead in scoring, but the combination of Wang Ming and Kong Dejing has been biting the score. In the latter part of the game, the Chinese team B achieved an 8-5 lead and got the match point through an excellent performance. The Austrian team, who was forced into desperation, then staged a “jedi counterattack”, dragging the game into a deciding game.

In the last game, after the ball has changed hands several times, the Chinese B team has a good opportunity to kill the opponent. Facing the No. 9 ball, Wang Ming missed, and the audience exclaimed. Albin Ossi was purely hands-on, completed the final blow, and achieved a real “lore”.

The Chinese A team in the lower half has a thrilling way to advance. In the first round, the combination of Liu Haitao and Wu Jiaqing was almost overturned by the Estonian team, and only narrowly defeated their opponents to advance in the deciding game. After defeating the Australian team 7-4 in the second round, the Chinese A team ushered in a fierce battle with the Spanish team. It was also in the final decisive game that the Chinese A team won the thrilling promotion.

The opponents of the Chinese team A in the semi-finals are the Chinese Taipei team composed of “Fire Cloud Cthulhu” Zhang Ronglin and “Death Scholar” Zheng Yuxuan. In this game, the scores of the two sides have been tied for many times, which shows that the intensity of the confrontation is high. When the score came to 7-7, China A team won 2 games in a row, finally defeated their opponents and got tickets to the finals.

At 7pm, the finals started on time. This is the second time the Austrian team has stood in the finals in the history of the World Cup and the third time that the Chinese team has advanced to the finals. In the two previous trips to the finals, the Chinese team maintained a record of victory.

In the first half of the final, the scores of both sides were very close. In the 8th game, the two sides scored 4-3, and the Chinese team A temporarily took the lead. Wu Jiaqing scored the No. 9 ball with a very beautiful flip, rewriting the score to 5-3. Since then, the Chinese A team maintained the absolute initiative and finally defeated last year’s champion Austria by a score of 10-3 to win the World Cup.

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