Wang Tao was elected as the current chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association, and the new association team is formed

Xingpai pool table. The Fifth National Congress of China Billiards Association 2019 was held in Tangzhen, Pudong New District, Shanghai, the first “hometown of billiards” in China. Wang Tao was elected as the new chairman of the China Billiards Association.

Nearly one hundred representatives from various provinces, districts, and municipal billiard associations, corporate members, and individual committees participated in this conference. The conference reviewed and approved the work report of the Fourth National Congress, commending units that have made outstanding contributions in the past five years.

The conference reviewed and approved the new China Billiards Association’s presidium list, secretariat list, director list, and individual committee list. Wang Tao was elected as the new chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association. The conference also discussed, reviewed and passed a number of new management measures.

Wang Tao, the newly appointed Chairman of the China Billiards Association, said in an interview that in the past five years, the China Billiards Association has successfully completed the decoupling work under the leadership and guidance of the State Sports General Administration as the third batch of pilot units for the decoupling reform of the national industry associations and chambers of commerce. It provides an experience reference for the decoupling reform work of many associations of the General Administration of China, and has made due contributions to the promotion of the development of China’s sports industry.

“The formation of the new association team means that the Chinese Billiards Association will shoulder the new mission given by the times, embark on a new journey, and write a new chapter for my country’s billiards industry. In the new era and new background, the China Billiards Association will Service-oriented, strengthen industry governance capabilities and self-construction, unite as one, forge ahead, and win new victories.” Wang Tao said. (Finish)

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