Jin Jiaying’s signature in Beijing Daxing is soft, Beijing cuisine is the most nostalgic for roast duck

Jin Jiaying, who had just concluded the Tangshan fan meeting, hurried to the Angle Billiards Club in Daxing, Beijing, on July 11, 2012 to have a fan interaction meeting with the Kusai Billiards Club. At the event site, Jin Jiaying successively signed dozens of T-shirts, clubs, and buckets. The signatures were soft, but they still maintained a good state of playing with the fans. He was enthusiastic and generous, and was praised by the fans for his professionalism. !

This time I came to Beijing, Jin Jiaying can be said to have tasted Beijing cuisine. According to her, the most memorable thing for her is the Beijing roast duck, and she praised the Beijing roast duck again and again: it has local characteristics, and the Beijing roast duck is authentic and delicious! Having said that, Jin Jiaying’s eyes again showed a desire for food.

During the nearly five hours of interaction with the fans of the two billiards clubs, Jin Jiaying has signed countless times, but she did not show exhaustion. Instead, the host mentioned that there are a lot of signatures, so Jin Jiaying asked for a little bit. During the break, Jin Jiaying resolutely continued the signature, and after signing all the names in one breath, she returned to the rest area for a short rest. She also mischievously gave a signature gift to one of the billiard schools. The boy said, “It’s so handsome! Play well! Practice a lot!”

It is worth mentioning that Xingpai Chairman Gan Liantong also came to Daxing to support Jin Jiaying, and joined her in a unique Chinese billiard doubles battle, which eventually became the winner. Gan Liantong expressed his warm welcome to Jin Jiaying’s arrival and hoped that the fans present would have fun with Jin Jiaying!

Jin Jiaying and the leaders present received exquisite gifts from Daxing Cool Game Club

After finishing the “Shenyang Women’s Nine-Ball World Championships” and the “World Team Championships”, Jin Jiaying began to visit all parts of China to participate in fan meetings. Beijing is the last stop. It is reported that Jin Jiaying and her coach will be held on July 12th. At 10:20 in the morning, the trip to China was officially ended and returned to South Korea.

In the gap between the events, fans competed to take photos with Jin Jiaying

Jin Jiaying exchanged ball skills with the students of the only billiard school in Beijing and encouraged them to study hard!

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