Cao Yupeng was tragically reversed by Robertson and missed the first title

In the early morning of December 18th, Beijing time, the 12th ranking round of the season-the 2017 Snooker Scottish Open ended in Glasgow. In the first stage of the final, Chinese player Cao Yupeng, who had just made the 147 club a few days ago, was in excellent condition and led 5-3. In the second stage, Cao Yupeng’s 8-4 hand held a lot of match points fluctuated. In the end, 8-9 was reversed and missed the first championship. However, he still scored a score of 147 with a score of 52,000 pounds (approximately 460,000 yuan). Robertson won his 13th ranked championship in his career, tied with Selby and Ding Junhui.


In the semi-finals of last match day, Cao Yupeng avenged world No. 3 Trump 6-4 and entered the ranking finals for the first time in six years since he turned professional. The Australian Machines eliminated the Scottish wizard Higgins 6-3. He came to the final day of the rankings for the 20th time in his career and hit his 13th title.

Before, Cao Yupeng and Robertson have played against each other twice in the professional competitions. They were the top 64 of the 2011 PTC9 and the top 8 of the 2013 Wuxi Classic. Both of these times, Cao Yupeng returned home. However, the current comparison of strength between the two sides has changed significantly. Cao Yupeng even set new highs this season, his state and confidence are on the rise, while Robertson has just fallen out of the top 16. In this confrontation, Cao Yupeng showed a new look.

The finals will be conducted in two stages with a 9-win system of 17 rounds. In the first eight rounds of the first stage, Cao Yupeng, who appeared in the finals of the Ranking Tournament for the first time, performed calmly. In the first round, he used Robertson’s turnover to make a single 82 points to clear the table.

In the second game, Cao Yupeng kicked off the ball and dropped the bag. Robertson scored 61 points from a distance and made a mistake in the bag. Cao Yupeng solved multiple problems and lost 62 points in a single shot and lost the final winning black ball. Robertson stabilized his emotions, thinning the black ball from a large angle. When the black ball was in the pocket, Robertson couldn’t help but clenched his fist and shouted “Come on”, which showed that the atmosphere on the court was already very tense.

In the third game, Cao Yupeng continued to work hard on defense and would never be soft when he got a chance. In this game, he pushed the top pocket red ball from far away, hitting 72 points in a single shot, 2-1 Robertson. In the fourth game, Robertson was unlucky and made a snooker error and left himself a problem. After he blasted the pile of balls vigorously, he failed to make adjustments several times, and eventually lost fans in the bag. Cao Yupeng scored 70 points in a single shot and scored a good start 3-1.

After the inning break, Robertson pulled back 68-34 with twists and turns. The game returned to Cao Yupeng’s hands. In the 6th inning, Cao Yupeng scored 66 points in a single stroke and added another 53 points, and continued to expand his advantage with 67 points in a single stroke, leading the Grand Slam player 5-2 in three innings. In the last round of the first stage, Robertson worked hard to adjust, single-stroke 64 points and 50 points to avoid further expansion, the first eight rounds of the game after the score was fixed at 5-3, Cao Yupeng led the lead.

The two sides started to compete in the second stage of the final. Cao Yupeng continued his good momentum. Once he came up, he scored 72 points on a single stroke and once again led Robertson 6-3 in three games. In the 10th game, Robertson, who reached the final with ten shots and broke a hundred, finally played his familiar rhythm. A single shot 132 cleared the table and the score was 4-6. Not to be outdone, Cao Yupeng responded with 81 points on a single stroke in the 11th inning and continued to lead the former world No. 1 at 7-4.

In the 12th inning, Cao Yupeng lost the line of the ball after circling the stage with 66 points on a single stroke and switched to defense. Robertson is obviously tight, and the offense from far away is far below the standard. Cao Yupeng continued to score and won the game 8-4 with a handful of match points, only one step away from victory.

However, this step has never come. Robertson’s last stand came back to life with 85 points in a single shot. In the 14th inning, Cao Yupeng made three volatility errors and Robertson rewritten the score to 6-8.

After the previous confrontation, the two sides started a defensive competition in the 15th inning. Robertson cleared the table from the penultimate red ball, and the score was reduced to 7-8. In the fierce competition, the two sides made frequent mistakes in the 16th game. Robertson lost the red ball 53-34 in the game and lost the final yellow ball. Cao Yupeng chased and lost the pink ball for 48-53, but fortunately there was no miss. A few rounds later, Robertson sent the pink ball to the mouth of the pocket. Cao Yupeng scored the pink ball with a low shot and left the black ball at a large angle. The black ball swayed out of the pocket, and Robertson dragged the game into the deciding game.

Decisive game, Cao Yupeng, who has lost four games, failed to seize the opportunity twice. Robertson scored 59 points in a row to complete the lore, and Cao Yupeng was reversed 8-9 and missed his first ranking championship in his career.

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