Chinese billiards show global charm


On March 6, the 3rd Chinese Billiard World Championships will ignite war in Yushan County, Jiangxi Province. On the 16th, the champion of this tournament will be determined. Nearly 400 players from more than 40 countries around the world will gather in Yushan. This showdown.

Chinese billiards is a sport with independent intellectual property rights. In 2012, the China Billiards Association launched a national competition of Chinese billiards. In 2015, the first Chinese billiards World Championship was held in Yushan, Jiangxi. The competition won the world’s three largest billiards. With the joint certification of the organization, Chinese-style billiards are now going to the world. The first World Championships was a sensation, including Mark Williams, Neil Robinson, Higgins, Abdon, Jin Jiaying, Ding Junhui, Pan Xiaoting, Han Yu, Liu Shasha, Chen Siming and other famous players at home and abroad. The world’s top players of the project gathered in the Chinese billiards arena to cheer for the competition platform.

After 3 years of development, the 3rd Chinese Billiards World Championships will be held in Yushan soon. Lin Jun, deputy director of the Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, said when evaluating Yushan County and the Chinese Billiards World Championships that the development of sports in Yushan County is not limited to sports events. Instead, it closely integrates the billiard industry with local advantages, focuses on the supply side, cultivates and expands sports consumption, and integrates national fitness, national health, and the development of the sports industry. It can be described as killing three birds with one stone.

As the host of the Chinese Billiards World Championships since its inception, Yushan County has also undergone changes due to this project and this event. Hu Jianfei, Secretary of the Yushan County Party Committee, is deeply touched by this. He introduced that by continuously hosting the Chinese Billiards World Championships, Yushan County The city’s taste is getting higher and higher, the urban and rural appearance is getting better and better, and the development speed of the sports culture industry has increased significantly. Hu Jianfei expressed that Yushan hopes to further promote the transformation of the county economic development mode through the huge influence brought by the continuous holding of international and domestic large-scale sports events, and strive to achieve the strategic goal of Yushan county economic upgrade.

After several years of development, Chinese billiards has not only exerted a huge influence in China, but with the upcoming 3rd Chinese Billiard World Championships, the development of Chinese billiards overseas is getting better and better. According to Wang Tao, secretary general of the Chinese Billiards Association, Chinese billiards have been certified by the Asian Billiards Federation and become one of the comprehensive competitions of the Asian Billiards Federation. At the same time, they have played a game in the US qualifiers and other overseas qualifications. The game will also take place.

Jason Ferguson, President of the World Snooker Association, has strongly supported the international development of Chinese billiards since the first World Championships. He said: “The World Snooker Association is willing to work with the Chinese Billiards Association, the Yushan County Party Committee, and Xingpai. , Are committed to the sound development of billiards in China, and will continue to support and promote the international development of Chinese billiards. It is foreseeable that Chinese billiards will have a bright future.” Vice Chairman of International Billiards Federation, European Billiards Federation Chairman Maxim Cassis also said: “The influence of the Chinese Billiards World Championships is very huge. In the future, we will do our best to promote Chinese billiards worldwide so that more people can understand and love Chinese billiards.”

The reporter learned that in the future, the China Billiards Association will provide fans of Chinese billiards with a platform for online viewing and participation. At the same time, it will mobilize the enthusiasm of local grass-roots associations to integrate the events held in various places into the competition system of the China Billiards Association. The amateur Chinese billiards scoring system serves the public and the grassroots associations.

Wang Tao said: “In the future, I hope that Chinese billiards, a project that originated from the folks and actively participated by the masses, will not only be satisfied with the people’s sports and cultural life, but also hope that everyone can rely on their points to enter the World Championships and enable high-level competition platforms to truly serve the masses. ”

Chinese billiards is a sport with independent intellectual property rights. After several years of development, it not only has a solid mass base in China, but also has gone abroad and into the world. I believe that through the unremitting efforts of Chinese billiards, the “Made in China” sport of Chinese billiards will become a “Made in China” brand project and be recognized by the world. In the world billiards culture system, there will be a place for Chinese billiards.

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