Dedicated and willing to serve, Yushan youths take on the responsibility of volunteers for the World Championships

The 2016 CBSA “Shangling Elevator” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championships will welcome more than 350 players from 29 countries around the world to gather in Yushan. Compared with the first Chinese Billiards World Championships, it has increased by nearly 100 people, and the number of international players alone has increased by more than 50 people. The increase in the number of participants and the increase in the attraction of international players represent the increase in the overall influence of the Chinese Billiards World Championship, which also puts forward higher requirements for the host city of the event—Jiangxi Yushan. To this end, all members of Yushan County were dispatched to ensure the smooth progress of the event.

Picking up, guiding, and translating have to face various emergencies. Volunteers for the Chinese Billiards World Championships have a busy and challenging daily schedule. From the preparatory stage of the event, volunteer service has been an important aspect of the organizers. In order to gain a deeper understanding of these behind-the-scenes heroes, the editor specially interviewed Vice Minister Chen of the Publicity Department of Yushan County.

It is reported that the number of volunteers for this World Championships of Chinese Billiards will exceed 300. Almost every player can find volunteers as long as they need it. This is even more important for all international players.

For the first Chinese Billiards World Championship, Murphy praised Yushan’s volunteers a lot, “They are very enthusiastic and speak English very well.”

Vice Minister Chen revealed to the editor that they have very high requirements for the ideological quality of volunteers. “These young people not only need to have a certain language foundation, but also have a strong sense of social responsibility, and they must be willing to contribute and serve.”

Li Nan, a volunteer translator for the first Chinese Billiards World Championship, said, “Although I have to take a series of important exams in March, I am very proud that the Chinese Billiards World Championship is held in my hometown. On-site translation is not only an exercise for me. It is also an affirmation of ability.”.

Yushan young volunteers are unknown behind-the-scenes heroes. The caring service they bring to the players has also created the best image of Yushan. The many difficulties they face, the huge pressure they bear, the sweat and tears they shed are all for the smooth progress of the Chinese Billiards World Championships.

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