He Chifeng Taiwan Association established Beijian Jiachen? Xingpai Cup Chinese Billiards Ten Thousand Thousand Yuan Competition

1. Organizers: Chifeng Sports Bureau, Chifeng Billiards Association;

2. Organizer: Chifeng Xingpai Billiards Club

3. Supporting unit: Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.;

4. Sponsor and naming unit: Beijian Jiachen Energy-saving Building Materials Co., Ltd.; Taiwan Meite Cue Factory; Beijing Chuanli Times Billiards Equipment; the drinks for this event are exclusively provided by Guangzhou Heika Food and Beverage Co., Ltd.; gifts are provided by Chifeng Red Star Maika Dragon sponsor.

5. Media support: top147 Billiards Vision Prairie Billiards Net

6. Participation qualifications:

1: Healthy citizens between the ages of 10-60 in the men’s and women’s groups, regardless of nationality, gender, ethnicity, and religious belief, can register for the competition.

2. The amateur group is limited to Chifeng local healthy citizens between 10 and 60 years old, regardless of nationality, gender, ethnicity, and religious beliefs.

3. When registering, you must present your ID to verify your identity (to avoid duplicate names and reward disputes), register your personal information, ID cards, driving licenses, Hong Kong and Macau passes, passports, etc. If any accident happens during the competition, the organizing committee will not take any responsibility (participants can purchase insurance by themselves).

4. All expenses incurred by participating athletes shall be borne by themselves.

Seven. Competition time and place:

Competition time: November 16-18, 2012

Place of competition: Xingpai Billiards Club, Basement Floor, Xingang Building, West Steel Street, Hongshan District, Chifeng City Tel: 0476-8800588 0476- 8800988

8. Registration fee and deadline:

On-site registration, or phone registration, you need to provide your ID number and

Remit money to Agricultural Bank account number: 6228 4818 9027 3838 113, account name: Zhang Wei

1. Men’s group: Registration fee: 100 yuan/person, limited number of registrations: 128 people, 2. Women’s group: Free registration, you can receive a beautiful gift when you sign up.

3. Amateur group: Free registration, limited number of people: 64 (only Chifeng registration);

Registration deadline: 20:00 pm, November 15, 2012

Drawing time and place:

Participants should hold their valid ID and go to the Xingpai Billiards Club on the basement floor of Xingang Building, Gangxi West Street, Hongshan District, Chifeng City before 20:00 on November 15, 2012. Those who fail to arrive on time will be deemed to have given up the game and will not be accepted. Refund of registration fee.

Another: On the evening of the end of the competition on the 18th, a thank-you dinner will be held at 19:00 (the participants are the top 16 men’s group, the top 4 women’s group, the top 4 amateur group and all members of the organizing committee), location: Jundu Duck Square, West Steel Street

Nine. Competition method:

1. Men’s competition (the competition method will be finalized according to the number of registration deadlines). Before the semi-finals, a 7-win system of 13 rounds will be adopted, a 9-win system of 17 rounds will be adopted for the semi-final, and a 11-win system of 21 rounds will be adopted for the final.

2. The women’s and amateur teams adopt a single-round elimination system. Before the semi-finals, the 9-round 5-win system will be adopted; the semi-finals will adopt the 13-round 7-win system; and the finals will adopt the 17-round 9-win system.

10. Competition rules

The game adopts the latest standard rules approved by the China Billiards Association (see the “Prairie Billiards Website” billiards competition section of the game rules section of the China Billiards Association 2010 version of the “Billiard Rules” and “American Style”), the tournament organizing committee can make appropriate decisions based on the actual situation. Adjustment.

Kick-off: The player wins the game without fouling the eighth ball into the pocket (golden kick-off)

Intentional foul: The first intentional foul in a game, the first warning, the second intentional foul and the loss of one game, and the third intentional foul the entire game.

Rushing: If a small force rushes the ball without four target balls at kickoff, it will be considered as an intentional foul, and the penalty is the same as an intentional foul; except for strong rushing and special circumstances without four target balls.

Time-out: There is no time-out for short rounds (17 rounds and less than 9 rounds). Players are not allowed to leave the arena in the middle. In special circumstances, they can go to the bathroom (3 minutes), but no smoking or being late, otherwise they will lose a round. In a round of the game (9 wins in 17 rounds), both players will have a time-out opportunity for 5 minutes. After the time-out is over, the player who is not on the court will be awarded one round.

Match-fixing: If the player is judged to be a match-fixing, the result will be cancelled and reported to the tournament organizing committee for a penalty of suspension.

Limited time: The game has a limited time for strokes. The player has a time limit of 45 seconds for each stroke. Each player can delay each game once, and the delay time is 30 seconds.

Report bag: The player must clearly report the bag when hitting the eighth ball, and the referee must repeat the report before hitting, otherwise it will be deemed as no report. To hit the ball other than the eighth ball, you do not need to report every ball, the obvious ball does not need to be reported, the unobvious ball needs to be reported, and the overturned ball must be reported.

3. Anyone who disagrees with the order of the lottery shall be filed before the game; if the appeal is dissatisfied with the judgment of the referee on duty, it shall be filed before the opponent player’s next stroke after the penalty is awarded, otherwise it will not be accepted.

4: The right to interpret other game rules lies with the referee committee of this tournament

11. Reward setting:

1: Professional group

Champion: 1 winner, 10,000 yuan in cash + trophy + certificate;

Runner-up: 1 person, 5000 yuan in cash + trophy + certificate; (a magic special pin nine club, worth 2100 yuan)

Third runner-up: 1 person, 2000 yuan in cash + trophy + certificate; (a magic special pin nine club, worth 2100 yuan)

Third place: 1 person, 1,000 yuan bonus + trophy + certificate; (a magical nine-ball club, worth 800 yuan)

5-8 people: 500 yuan each

9-16 people; each reward 300 yuan star billiards club voucher (external hands can be exchanged for cash)

2: Amateur group

Champion: 1 winner, 1,000 yuan voucher + certificate;

Runner-up: 1 person, 500 yuan voucher + certificate;

Second runner-up: 1 person, 300 yuan voucher + certificate;

Third Place: 1 person, 200 yuan voucher + certificate;

3; Women’s

Champion: 1 winner, 3000 yuan in cash + trophy + certificate;

Runner-up: 1 person, 1,000 yuan in cash + trophy + certificate; (a magical nine-ball club, worth 800 yuan)

Third runner-up: 1 place, 500 yuan cash + trophy + certificate; (a magical nine-ball club, worth 800 yuan)

Third place: 1 person, 300 yuan in cash + trophy + certificate; (a magical nine-ball club, worth 800 yuan)

Special note; continuous clearing award: 1 winner in total, 500 yuan in cash. Winning method: the player with the most consecutive kick-offs and the player with the same score will be the first to achieve the number of clearing.

12. Arbitrators and referees:

Director of the Arbitration Committee: Xu Kezheng (Assistant to the Director of Chifeng Sports Bureau, Secretary General of Chifeng Billiards Association)

Competition Director: Wu Zhuang

Judgment Chief: Meng Lingchun

Judge: The referee appointed by the Chifeng Billiards Association will serve as the judge of this game

13. Interactive exchange contest:

After the game, amateur players will be organized to take turns to team up with the professional team champion and runner-up for a doubles match, aiming to provide a platform for Chifeng billiards enthusiasts and domestic professional players to exchange ideas and exchanges.

14. Competition discipline

1. Obey the rules of the competition and obey the arrangements of the competition.

2, 10 minutes before the start of each round, contestants need to bring their ID cards to the check-in office for check-in. After the chief referee announced the start of the game, a player who did not show up for 5 minutes was sentenced to a loss, and a player who did not show up for 10 minutes was deemed to have abstained.

3. If there is any objection to the judgment of the referee on duty, the party concerned can appeal to the deputy chief referee, chief referee, and the tournament organizing committee level by level, but the appeal must be filed before the next stroke of both players after the penalty is awarded, otherwise it will not be accepted.

4. Smoking is prohibited in the competition venue, and contestants are not allowed to receive and call mobile phones. Those who do not comply with these regulations will be disqualified from the competition.

5. The clothing of the male players must meet the requirements of the competition and be clean and tidy.

6. ​​Dress code for female players: elegant and dignified clothing, with shoes that match the overall attire.

7. Without permission, contestants and referees are not allowed to participate in other competitions and activities during the competition period.

8. Alcoholism and any form of gambling are strictly prohibited during the competition.

9. Before the competition, the players must show their ID to the referee on duty, and participate in the competition with their ID. No impostors are allowed to participate in the competition, and the qualification is immediately disqualified as soon as it is discovered.

10. Any form of match-fixing is strictly forbidden during the match. The tournament organizing committee has established a match-fixing committee. The match-fixing committee has the right to judge and punish match-fixing after collective research based on the progress of the game and the feedback from the referees (ruling method: (According to the principle of minority obeying the majority), once determined, the persons involved in the counterfeiting will be included in the “blacklist” and reported to the tournament organizing committee for corresponding penalties.

11. Players are strictly prohibited from wearing accessories to participate in the competition. Wearing commercial logos must be approved by the competition organizing committee and must apply to the competition organizing committee for filing 7 days before the start of the competition. The competition organizing committee has the right to determine the referees and contestants’ chests during the competition. Logo content and form. In principle, the independent commercial logo on the athlete’s chest cannot exceed one block, and the position of the logo is determined by the competition organizing committee.

12. Any behavior that violates laws and disciplines and violates morals and ethics is strictly prohibited.

13. Those who violate the above requirements will be disqualified from the competition.

15. Right to Interpret the Regulations

Under special circumstances, the event may be fine-tuned, and the organizing committee will notify you separately. The right to interpret the rules of the event belongs to the organizing committee of this event. If there are any outstanding matters, the organizing committee will notify separately.

Chifeng City Billiards Association Tournament Committee

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