O’Sullivan in the second round of the World Championships continues 7-9, captain Lu Haotian 7-9 hot pursuit

The 2018 Snooker World Championship continues to stage the second round of competition. O’Sullivan went 4-1 after falling behind 3-8. After the first 16 games, he bit Carter with a total score of 7-9. Chinese teenager Lu Haotian also won four consecutive rounds with one stroke when trailing 3-8, and finally followed Hawkins 7-9 closely. In the first game that ended, Mark Allen won Joe Perry 13-8 and became the first player to advance to the top 8.


O’Sullivan 7-9 Carter

In the first stage of the game, O’Sullivan’s touch was not satisfactory. Although he scored 121, 61 and 96 points in a single stroke, he still trailed Carter by 3-5.

In the second stage, O’Sullivan was still out of shape, losing three consecutive games 21-63, 32-71 and 12-72. Carter extended the score to 8-3.

From the 12th game, O’Sullivan finally entered the role. He first stabilized the situation with 55 points in a single stroke, and then reduced the total score to 5-8 with 55 points.

In the 14th inning, O’Sullivan scored 54 points in one stroke. But this game he was not so lucky, Carter seized his mistakes and scored 51 points in a row to reverse 73-54 in a single game, the score 9-5.

O’Sullivan continued to work hard to adjust. Then he scored 79 points and 105 points in a single stroke, and after a 4-1 counterattack, he ended the first 16 games with a small gap of 7-9. The second round adopts a 25-game 13-win system. The third stage of the match between the two sides will be held at 21:30 on the 28th, Beijing time.

Lv Haotian 7-9 Hawkins

In the first stage of yesterday, the Chinese teenager Lu Haotian, who made his debut at Crucible, performed tenaciously after falling behind 0-4, 3-5 closely following the 2013 runner-up Hawkins.

In the second stage, the experienced Hawkins hit 124, 83 and 61 points in a single stroke, and the total score expanded to 8-3.

Lu Haotian’s next performance was amazing. The Crusaders rookie shot 125 points, 72 points, 79 points and 60 points in a row with an incredible rhythm, winning four consecutive rounds with one stroke, rewriting the total score on the field to 7-8 in one fell swoop, only one round difference.

After a fierce battle, the two sides started a defensive competition in the 16th inning. Hawkins struggled to win the game 68-35. After the second stage, Lu Haotian only trailed Hawkins by two games 7-9, laying a good foundation for the third stage of counterattack.

Allen 13-8 Perry Wilson 5-3 Jones

Alan and Perry are the first to end all battles. In the first stage, veteran Joe Perry, who ended the defending champion Selby in the first round, fell behind Mark Allen 3-5.

In the second stage, Perry improved. He broke the 100 twice and made a 5-3 return to draw against this year’s Masters champion Mark Allen 8-8.

In the third stage, the situation changed drastically. Perry was like a sleepwalker. Looking at Alan, he became more and more courageous. “Small Steel Cannon” won five consecutive games in one go. During the period, he scored 133, 74 and 122 points in a single stroke. The total score was 13-8 and he was the first to advance to the top 8. In the quarter-finals, Allen will face the winners of Karen Wilson and Jamie Jones. At present, the two sides have just finished the first eight rounds of the game, and “Little Heavenly King” leads 5-3 temporarily.

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