The queen of billiards marries a same-sex partner, 9 balls and snooker have won the championship

Xingpai pool table. Alison Fisher, a female billiard player known as the “Destroying Countess”, has always been a goddess of billiards. And just today in China time, she appeared in a wedding dress and took her girlfriend into the temple of married life. A few days ago, Fisher posted a photo of the wedding diamond ring on his FB and revealed that he was going to the Dominican Republic for a wedding banquet. Nowadays, she and her lover broke the common sight and announced their marriage, and Fisher himself looked happy.

Alison Fisher is undoubtedly a man in the world of women’s snooker. He was a stranger in 1968. He had more than ten years of snooker career in the early stage. He won the women’s snooker world championship seven times in turn; 1995 Entered the 9-ball world, and not long after in 1996, he won the title of five top series championships and the 9-ball World Championship held by WPA in one fell swoop. Since then, he has won thousands of awards in 20 years. In 2009, Fisher Highly voted member of the British Pool Hall of Fame.

Although his years are fleeting, Fisher has a deep French leadership temperament. His exquisite facial features, a tactful smile, elegant manners and demeanors, and thorough technical skills make Fisher has many fans of different ages all over the world. She means A period of women’s billiards. She has won 11 women’s snooker national championships, and then entered the modern American 9-ball industry. She also made great achievements and became the first person in the history of women’s table tennis. In addition, Fisher also enjoys a record. She is the first female contestant who has achieved a single breakthrough in a snooker game so far. She has also become the chief queen of many men’s billiard enthusiasts. Now that Fisher has found the happiness that belongs to him at the age of 51, the fellow men still have mixed feelings in response to this unexpected “severe blow”. I wish these novices a happy wedding.

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