Pan Xiaoting and Yi Jianlian He advertised all kinds of C-bits are full of fun_Billiards_Billiards

Xingpai pool table. Not long ago, Pan Xiaoting and Jeremy Lin collaborated to shoot advertising slogans for a well-known brand. One is the “Nine-Ball Queen” on the Odaiba and the other is the MVP of the basketball court. Two Chinese sports stars “carry the handle” together are not only for fun. The various interactive exchanges on the spot made the audience in the field full of prosperity, and it was also composed of netizens who were named “the most adorable height”.

They all say “interlacing is like a mountain”, but for Pan Xiaoting and Jeremy Lin, who have more developed sports and cultural nervous systems, they don’t seem to find this name. Regardless of basketball or billiards, it is easy to practice 2 more times. Take control. From a behind-the-scenes video that was exposed, it can be seen that whether it is Pan Xiaoting, who throws the ball from three-pointers, or Jeremy Lin, who is holding a billiard cue to serve, they are quite professional in every move, and the two are working hard to learn each other’s professional skills. , The desire to win each other’s defeat, can not see the smell of gunpowder, on the contrary, it is full of fun.

This pair of cutest heights are funny with each other in the filming scene, but they have not forgotten the “C position” battle. Pan Xiaoting also said, “Who dares to move my C position”, when seeing the nine-ball giants injure people, The temperament soared by 2.80 meters in an instant, and the netizens in the field also rushed to leave a message on the message board to call the beautiful Xiaoting, and the first C-place to become famous when applying his idol.

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