Mamba out!To the legend encountered in life

Hey long time no see

The former king of Staples, after 614 days, stepped into this purple-gold frenzy again, his face was no longer stubborn, replaced by that warm smile, leaving the court for nearly two years, watching you grow a beard, With a slightly blessed figure, seeing you holding the three princesses obediently on the sidelines makes me feel that all this is so strange, but when you walk to the center of the arena, raise your arms high, under the spotlight, you are still Staples in my eyes The greatest king, nothing has changed, I love you, never before.


In the 614 days of bidding farewell to the stadium, I have never seen you on the sidelines of the NBA. You said you want to compensate for your love for the little princesses and stay with your family. You said you want to create a business empire that belongs to the black mamba, but I know that, nearly Homesickness, the memories here are too turbulent, even a clambering man will wet his eyes.


Two years ago, every time Staples burst, it is because of you, five championship trophies, two FMVPs, one MVP, 81 points in a single game, 62 points in three quarters. You have brought us too many honors. With legends, even if the heroes are in their twilight years, the mansion will fall, and if you choose to carry forward, we will shout for you! Today, perhaps because you are on the sidelines, even in the face of the defending champion Warriors, the Lakers’ youth team still showed their “fangs”, and the score continued until the last minute of overtime. Kuzma’s daring to fight, the British Gram’s growth, Bauer’s progress, Jr. Nance and Randall’s separation of the new FMVP, all these seem to indicate that the retirement of the jersey is not a farewell, but a heritage. The Mamba spirit has been integrated into the Zijin Lakers. In the blood, look forward to the new generation of Lakers youth army taking over the “long spear” in your hand as soon as possible to create the next dynasty.


Back to December 19, 2017, the sidelines were filled with old friends and opponents, old enemy Pierce, old opponent Iverson, and O’Neal, Fisher, Odom, who once fought side by side….. .Everyone greeted each other and embraced each other to witness this moment of great glory together.


The letter you wrote to basketball rang out in the stadium. People listened quietly, for fear of missing a word. After the end, the audience rang out. You slowly walked towards the center of the court. “Magic” Johnson told us about you. Legend, Jenny Buss choked to express her gratitude to you, and there was more than that flashed in my mind, as well as that beautiful backward jumper, the fatal blow, and the roaring sky after winning the championship. , And the painful completion of two free throws after Achilles tendon rupture, and the helplessness and freedom when announcing his retirement…


Your jersey slowly appeared right above the Staples Arena. No. 8 is young and frivolous, fearless, No. 24 is mature and stable, rational and calm, and this moment has drawn a perfect end to this past memory. !


You moistened your eyes, smiled, enjoying it all, and finally the phrase “Mamba, out”. You did your best, the Lakers dynasty that was “built” covered with scars has collapsed. We all know that your era has passed, but the two jerseys flying in the arena will remind me of you when I shrink from adversity. Your stubbornness, your persistence, your past.


In ten years, when the Xianyi angry horse was a teenager, it seemed that he grew old in an instant.

My youth is also buried in that mamba out.

Kobe Bryant’s 20-year long career, his hard work and stubbornness brought him luck, he became famous when he was young, and he experienced glory and ups and downs, and he was loyal to the old one. We can always find common ground in greatness, just like Xingpai billiards that has gone through 30 years of history. It started at 8,000 yuan in 1987. In a small workshop, the first generation of Xingpai people worked hard and worked hard to produce the first one. The table, the world-renowned star billiards in the future was born. Over the past thirty years, amidst opportunities and challenges, tribulations and ups and downs, Xingpai people have created one after another impressive achievement.

In 1990, it was appraised by the National Sports Commission and became a national competition platform.

In 1993, Xingpai was designated as an Asian competition platform.

In 1995, Xingpai was recognized as a domestic and international professional game platform.

At the beginning of the new millennium, American tables produced by Xing Brand began to be exported to the United States.

In 2004, the Xingpai billiard table was recognized by the World Professional Billiards Federation as the table for the World Snooker Challenge held in China.

In 2005, the world-famous billiard star Ding Junhui and Pan Xiaoting signed a star card until today.

In 2009, Xingpai became a comprehensive strategic partner with the World Professional Snooker Association. All world-class professional snooker games use star pool tables.

In 2015, Xingpai and the Yushan County Government of Jiangxi jointly hosted and independently operated the first Chinese Billiards World Championship.

In 2016, Xingpai brought Chinese billiards abroad and entered the United States.

In 2017, Xingpai spent huge sums of money to build the World Billiards Culture City in Yushan, Jiangxi. The World Billiards Museum and Hall of Fame, the professional billiards event gymnasium, the International Billiards Training Institute, the Xingpai Billiards Industry Base, etc., contributed to the development of the world billiards culture. the power of.

The brilliance belonging to Xingpai continues, paying tribute to Kobe’s legendary career and also paying tribute to Xingpai’s 30-year ingenuity and dream-building legendary journey. The sound of the MVP call of the mountain whistling and the tsunami sounded in my ears…


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