The second echelon of the Chinese Army broke out in two months, 6 people hit a new professional high

In the past month or so, good news for Chinese billiards players has continued. Following the Chinese snooker leader Ding Junhui with the 13th title in the ranking, overtaking Selby and Robertson as the post-80s chief, and the Chinese Taiwanese team set the best record in the Asian Chamber with 5 gold, the Chinese professional snooker team The second echelon is not resigned to being lonely, as many as six people set a new professional high in just over a month, bringing a whole new atmosphere to the world of Taiwan.


After nearly 10 years of explosive development, it is an indisputable fact that the Chinese billiards project has entered a new stage of development. This season, the Chinese professional corps has increased to 23 members, a four-fold increase compared to eight or nine years ago. At present, the only two post-00s in Taiwan are from China, and the new Chinese forces have become a powerful force in Taiwan.

While the number of people is growing explosively, the quality also ushered in a new sublimation. In the past two months, the second echelon of the Chinese professional snooker corps suddenly showed off collectively. At the China Championships held in Guangzhou from August 16 to 22, the 27-year-old Li Xinglianke 2010 World Champion Neil Robertson, Welsh star Michael White, “Welsh Dragon” Stevens, and also from Wales Two-time world champion, Mark Williams, surpassed the previous best 16 results for the first time in 9 years after he moved into the profession, and made his way to the top 4 in a major ranking competition. In the end, Li Xing lost to Brecher, who later won the championship, to stop the dark horse journey.

At the Paul Hunter Classic held in Germany from August 22nd to 27th, Zhao Xintong also broke out. The Shaanxi teenager defeated Snooker Queen Evans, Johar and Steadman, and finally lost to Grand Slam champion Sean Murphy in the fourth round. He came to the top 16 in the rankings for the first time in his second year of his career.

The Indian Open witnessed the strong fighting power of the Chinese rookies. Xu Si, who has just turned professional this season, did not win a game before heading to India. At the Indian Open, the 19-year-old Xu Si became a super dark horse. He eliminated Finnish veterans Hull, Sean O’Sullivan, Wharton and Gilbert with an incredible pace, until he met four times. World champion Higgins took off his dark horse shirt. A strong 4 strong record made the entire Taiwanese scene admire this professional freshman.

Also at the Indian Open, Zhang Anda from Guangdong set an 8-year personal professional high with a top 8.

The 19-year-old Sichuan teenager Zhou Yuelong grabbed a lot of the limelight at the European Masters that just ended in Belgium. After sweeping Scottish star McGill 4-0, he broke through the best results of the previous two top 8s and made it to the top 4 rankings for the first time. Taking into account that this year is only the fourth season since his transition to the profession, such a result has actually been thrown away by many of his peers. At present, Zhou Yuelong’s world ranking has entered the top 30, ranking fourth after Ding Junhui, Fu Jiajun and Liang Wenbo in the Chinese Army.

Coincidentally, the 26-year-old Cao Yupeng also declared his existence at the European Masters. In the quarter-finals, he defeated Mark Williams, one of the 75 best, and for the first time in his career received a precious ticket to the top four in the rankings. Both of them lost to the TOP16 favorites in the semi-finals, although the defeat was glorious.

At present, most of the professional ranking tournaments use a flat format. All players have started from the top 128, and they can win seven consecutive games and win the championship. They are called masters. And to break into the top 8 or the top 4 requires four or five consecutive wins, and the opponents they face are also stronger than one. In this context, more and more Chinese players have entered the second half of the rankings, which is indeed gratifying. It can be said that Ding Junhui is no longer alone, because he has more and more powerful comrades in arms.

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