Grand Prix Xiao Guodong reversed Yuan Sijun 5-4

In the early morning of February 8, China time, the 2018-2019 Season Snooker Global Challenge was launched again. In the quarter-finals of our country’s derby, Xiao Guodong saved the match point and defeated Yuan Sijun 5-4, and entered the ranking after a 2 year absence The semi-finals, the next round will play against the “crew chief” card holder. In other competitions, Selby replaced the Filipino player Sancam 4-2, Wilson 4-0 zero veteran Bingham, and Gilbert, who replaced Ding Junhui, failed to move forward, losing 1-5 with a losing card. Strong.

This UEFA Champions League started with the second round of competition. The world’s No. 1 Selby defeated General Murphy in the first round. In the second round, the enemy was the Filipino contestant Sancam. The latter defeated Higgins by an upset in the first round. Selby quickly took advantage in the first game of the event, and got the first game after a two-shot 50+. Since then, Selby has continued to win two fights and won 3-0 to lead the match point. Although Sancam has saved 2 match points since then, in the sixth game Selby blocked the enemy’s trend of chasing points and scored 59 points in a row. Advantages, after winning this game 4-2 to advance to the quarterfinals, the next round will play against Trump.

General Wilson suffered from the veteran Bingham. In the event, Wilson was even better. He continued the trend of winning the French game. After winning two consecutive fights, he scored 93 points in a single shot in the third game and then scored in the third game. He won 72-9 in a piecemeal game, and he was promoted to 4-0 with a total score of 4-0. Allen, who had outstanding performance in the new season, suffered a jam in the second round. In the first game, Allen won by 85 points. Since then, he has been stuck and counterattacked. In the second game, he got an 80+ and rushed to 1-1. level. Since then, he has continued to win two fights 3-1 and rushed to the match point. In the fifth game, Allen’s mentality was endangered, and he chose to surrender under the condition of not over-pointing. In the end, he won 4-1 and advanced. Quarterfinals.

Yuan Sijun has repeatedly selflessly dedicated his outstanding performance in the new season. The Chinese Championship defeated Ding Junhui by an upset, and the French game replaced Higgins in the first round. This challenger defeated Williams in the first round and reversed Maguire in the second round. In the quarterfinals, Yuan Sijun competed with Xiao Guodong in a derby, and the latter kind of first round upset replaced Robertson. In the first round of the event, Xiao Guodong reached his best condition. He got the game with 70 points in a single stroke after getting started. In the second round, he fought fiercely with each other. After missed the conference on the mobile phone, Xiao Guodong relied on his excellent performance. Defensively restrained the enemy, won the game with a 51-22 super score, leading the game with a total score of 2-0. In the third round, Yuan Sijun was the first to get the lead. Since then, the two people competed in the final red number. Xiao Guodong then made a mistake and dropped the bag to give the opportunity. Yuan Sijun once again got the entry and got the game with a total score of 1-2. In the fourth game, Yuan Sijun got the entry three times to get a 60-0 overscore advantage. Xiao Guodong finally got a red number to play snooker. Once he gave Yuan Sijun a penalty but then played the green ball without leaving the opportunity, Yuan Sijun once again got the overscore. In this round, the total score reached 2-2.

After 15 minutes of intermission, Yuan Sijun did not miss the chance of the bag, and then Xiao Guodong turned to defense after entering 34 consecutive points. Since then, Yuan Sijun once started chasing points, and after 9 consecutive games, he made a mistake with the simple black ball in the bottom pocket. Xiao Guodong once again After getting started, he created the advantage of super points and got the 3-2 lead in this game again. In the sixth game, Xiao Guodong continued to get started based on joint defense, but he couldn’t produce the advantage of overscores from beginning to end. The two struggled all the way to the black ball. Yuan Sijun resisted the pressure of work and scored the black ball and got it in a big reversal. The total score rushed to 3-3. level. In the seventh game, Xiao Guodong made a mistake after 38 consecutively. Since then, Yuan Sijun has controlled the situation. He got 4-3 in this game for the second time and first rushed to the match point. In the eighth game, Xiao Guodong made a mistake and leaked the bottom bag after 45-0. After missing simple opportunities in a row, Xiao Guodong once again got the entry and got the game, and the rescue point rushed to a 4-4 tie. In the opening game of the decisive game, after missing the meeting on the mobile phone, Xiao Guodong continued to enlarge the score with his defense, and finally won the game with a 4-3 final score and defeated Yuan Sijun and advanced to the final of the challenge.

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